PSU to power 7950 GX2

I've been having trouble with artifacting on my 7950 GX2 video card. In dealing with technical personnel at XFX, I have learned that this video card requires a 12v rail that supplies 22 amps.

In the short time I have been looking at the specs of many power supplies, I have found that they don't seem to be supplying more than 18 amps to any single 12v rail. I have, so far, found one exception and that is the Aspire Beastpower 680 watt PS, which supplies 22 amps on one 12v rail and 24 amps on the other 12v rail. I have never considered Aspire brand of PSU to be quality, as compared to Antec, Seasonic, etc.

Anybody aware of a PSU that is of quality manufacture that can supply 22 or more amps to a 12v rail?

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  1. hum... i heard the SLI certified PSU's will work with these np... am I wrong on this?

    the Aspire R version is SLI certified!
  2. BFG 650watts PSU would be perfect for it. It has a lifetime warranty too. :wink:
  3. Quote:
    hum... i heard the SLI certified PSU's will work with these np... am I wrong on this?

    the Aspire R version is SLI certified!

    I would like to think that you're right on this. My current PSU is also SLI certified. However, while talking to the tech at XFX, he asked me how many amps does the 12v rail supply my card. I may be grasping at straws, but it sounds like he is just focusing on the one power rail that supplies the power to my card and not the total amperage the PSU supplies. I am using one of the PCI-E power dongles to supply this card, leaving the other PCI-E power dongle unused.

  4. I might be wrong but isn't the 6 pin PCI-E power line a combination of 2 rails? It DOES use 2 sets of the brown, yellow, and black wires. The yellow wire is the 12 line, so if there is 2, one from each rail, it should combine amps, but keep in mind the efficiency. These are just my thoughts.

    If you're looking to get a new one heres something real powerful. Has a crap load of amperage and it supports Quad SLi. It even has a switch in the back where you can combine the 2 rails together or to split them, ideal for dual 7950GX2's, or maybe the next power hungry GPU. Either way it has enough amperage to push the 7950GX2 to the MAX (understood that you have good cooling :D)
  5. Thanks for that post! I just bought that PSU :) PRICEY!!! But I thought hey... my x6800 is gonna last through the DX10 cards for sure... and im sure i will want the bad ass card when it comes out plus it will drain power im sure too... so either way now i can OC everything on my PC and not worry about it running outta juice!
  6. Now that looks like the ticket. I had looked at EPS12v power supplies earlier at Directron, but had also read the blurb about EPS12v power supplies not being compatible with standard ATX computers. Perhaps I read that wrong.

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