Simple Quiet Cooler for E6600?

With an e6600 and Intel D975XBX motherboard in a Gigabyte 3D Aurora case.


1. Quieter than the Intel stock cooler.
2. Cools better than the Intel stock cooler.
3. Installs easily without removing the motherboard from the case.
4. Does not weigh a ton - suitable for tower case without reinforcement on back of mobo.

Suggestions, or is the stock cooler adequate?
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  1. Thermaltake Big Typhoon VX.

    I have the regular Big Typhoon for my 840 and it runs quite and cool. It was somewhat lengthy installation but it was worth it. The the VX version you can simply install this just like the stock cooler without removing the motherboard. This cooler is new and I don't know if it on sell yet.
  2. Are you going to overclock your E6600 by chance?
  3. A little bit, not a lot. I need the system to remain stable.
  4. Well if you want a very quite pc then you can cool the E6600 with passive cooler. I've seen reviews to where they have overclock the X6800 to 4Ghz with a passive cooler and performs without a hitch. I'm sure with a good passive cooler your E6600 can be overclock to 20% and still would perform as it is and without overheating either.
  5. Do you have links to any of these passive cooler reviews?
  6. Here's one of them air cooled Core 2:

    I'll see if I could find the rest the passive cooling ones.
  7. What do you think the best passive cooling heatsink for the E6600. I was looking for the review about the E6600 overclock a bit using only a passive cooling. Since Core 2 runs cool a giant passive heatsink would be suffecient enough for it even with a bit of overclocking.

    I can't wait to get the E6600 next year.
  8. Do we have a consensus that the Scythe Ninja is the best bet? With the dual 120 fans on the Gigabyte 3D Aurora case, I should be able to use the Ninja without its own fan.
  9. I've got the Ninja running on a Core 2 E6600 and I can report that with two 120mm fans and the PSU fan in the Hiper 580w I'm using the system is increadibly quiet and cool to boot.

    The Ninja really is a great heatsink, and the fan that comes with it (isn't neccessary!) is increadibly quiet.
  10. Quote:
    What do you think the best passive cooling heatsink for the E6600.

    Find me a better HSF than Scythe Ninja Plus and I'll bow down to that. :wink:

    How about this custom air cooling of mine. :oops:

    Very cool and high-cfm too, cools the room as well. Very dangerous and can cut your finger if you stick it in at highest rpm and you need a 110v to run it. :) :oops:
  11. I have just built my E6600 rig with an arctic freezer 7 on in P180B case. The whole thing is damn near silent even with a raptor and an x1900xt (HIS ICEQ3 ver) in.

    Arctic freezer 7 clips onto mobo same way stock cooler does, isnt to heavy and the fan is quiet. If you turn your mobos fan control tech on the fan won't spin up past 700rpm even when under full load! If you want to OC the fan is still near silent at higher rpms and doesnt vibrate etc due to special mounting design.

    Arctic Freezer 7 pro

    Edit: I'll include some temps:

    27 degrees C idle
    34 degrees load
  12. I currently use the Thermaltake passive heat sink for my prescott 3.25Ghz P4 with absolutely no problems (I don't overclock it--so I couldn't speak to that).

    They have a version for Socket 775 that I plan to buy with my own E6600 purchase:

    With the lower heat signature of the conroes, I imagine this sink will have no problem by design, and could probably be overclocked to some extent without a concern (just make sure you have a temp display/alarm of some sort).
  13. Quote:
    Do we have a consensus that the Scythe Ninja is the best bet? With the dual 120 fans on the Gigabyte 3D Aurora case, I should be able to use the Ninja without its own fan.

    yup that's what I was thinking.
    but this this dude overclocked his E6400 to 3.2 Ghz with the Scythe Mine.
    and I've been looking at that fan as well.
    what do ya'll think ?

    its obviously a newer product than the NINJA
    and now WUSy, you must BOW to my super L33t skillz...hehe :)
  14. I've already picked up the Ninja. I am going to attempt running it fanless.
  15. Sorry for bringing up an old thread.
    The Scythe Ninja definately fits into the 3D Aurora case then?
  16. Thanks for the confirmation wusy :)
    Just wanted to make sure before I spent my $
  17. off topic, putting together my e6600/ p5b deluxe wifi system with a scythe katana cooler in a thermaltake tsunami case, the unit will not power on at all.

    I usually power on with MB, PSU (thermaltake purepower 500) case fans, and ram (corsair xms pc-5400 2x1gig) in place to make sure all is well prior to addind the HD, dvd, floppy etc.

    First time ever, nothing at all. PSU works fine outside with a jumper on the green and black, even tried a dell 380 I had lying around, same thing, nothing.


    And I did hook up the 24 pin and the 8 pin to the MB along with the case fans.

    Thought I would hijack all the talent I have seen on this post in the last 20 min!
  18. Pain in the arse, due to the katana, I have to take the whole shebang apart to get the psu and MB out of the case.

    Was hoping someone would say, hey, its the reset button, or something stupid like that!
  19. I like the Zalman 9500. Looks cool, easy to install, gets the job done.

    There are a lot of good choices out there, though. I doubt you can go wrong with any of the suggestions made thus far.
  20. Yea but $70 bucks is a lot for a HSF. That ninja thing probably works just as well and is half the cost. Guess it all depends on whether or not you have a case window.
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