Thermaltake Armor Fans, Replacement

Ya, so i'm building a "gaming" computer for myself...using the beastie case TT Armor case...with a 25cm side fan (

In case your wondering, I'm using this, because I want a rock hard stable computer, and a big one with good cooling.

The TT Armor is huge so it has good airflow and seems to be very popular, but...

The case fans are notoriously loud, the 120mm ones are variable speed, but I've heard they usually run at top speed, which is like 48dBa, compared to tehre 17dBa advertised spped, thats way to loud for me, and I'm guessing (can't fine them on newegg seperate from the case) the 2 90mm fans are variable too, because they're rated at 19dBa. And then theres the iCage, I don't know what fan it uses, but its a 120mm blue led fan, but its not the same as the other 120mm blue fan.

So basically, I need to replace the 120mm rear exaust fan with a quiet one that pushes more then 30cfm of air (can be less). In my opinion the Scythe S-FLEX SFF21E 1200rpm is the best option, because it pushes quiet a bit of air, and is VERY quiet.

But thats only 1 fan, out of 4 (I don't need to replace the 250mm one)

Theres the iCages fan
which is rated at 17dBa, but i'm sort of sure that it rpm will increase and with it noise, but if I can't replace the iCages fan thats ok...

Then theres the 2 90mm fans in the top and in the back by the power suppy...and they are "rated" at 19dBa, but thats probably at the lowest rpm possible.... so I need to replace those.

So the questions

Can anyone figure out if the 2 90mm fans included in the TT Armor are variably speed, and how loud they are at top speed?

What are the most quiet 90mm fans out there that don't exceed the price of $20 each, and aren't to flashy with LEDs?

Any advice on fans for the case to help it keep quiet but still get good airflow?

Thanks, and I'm obviously new to this forum, I got referred here when my friend couldn't answer all my questions Smile and this looks like a good community and I hope to continue to be a part of it.

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  1. Oh, Arctic cooling arctic fan 9. They are by far one of the best fans i've ever seen. downside is they only mount as exhausts.

    take a look for ur self
  2. Ok good, these are perfect, because the fans im replacing are 90mm exhaust fans, and these are exhaust fans

    But... the sizing of the Artic fans are 92mm, and the ones im replacing are 90mm, will this be a problem...?
  3. yeah...prolly...umm..u might be able to cram it in. those are 92mm...danm ok, other than that, Antec fan are pretty good.
  4. I honestly didn't read the whole post of yours at the beginning
    but as I understand it... 25CFM isn't too much air being pushed through

    A lot of times I personally will take 120mm fans over 80mm reason being they have a higher surface area and because of that they do not have to spin near as fast to move the same volume of air.

    Problem a lot of times is cases come with preinstalled 80mm fans. I honestly would recommend all 120 mm fans if I could, I feel it would make a quieter case + pushing the same amount if not more air...

    I would look for fans with a 30+ CFM if you could, (if you really want to move some air in complete negligence of peace and quiet, sells a fan with 109CFM however it's 250mm)
  5. ya....see that case im getting comes with a 250mm side fan, which is very quiet and still pushes a lot of air

    also i would get all 120mm fans, but im not to into case modding (cutting bigger holes for fans) so im gonna have to stick with 2 120mm and 2 90mm

    i hope the 92mm fans im getting fit in the 90mm space where my other fans were

    thanks for the input guys
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