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When I boot the computer, I don't get a display. Yes, my monitor cable is plugged in. I can hear the hard drive spin. I can also hear the bootable cd in my dvd drive spin like it's booting too. The computer has integrated video (Idk what it is tho) and I tried putting in a different video card. No success.

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  1. k well integrated video mean the mobo has a video card built into it.
    as for it not turning on check and make sure that first u turn the monitor on and second that its plugged in firmly to the cpu and third that the brightness is up...if that dont work maybe try another monitor
  2. How do you plug a monitor into a cpu?
  3. Quote:
    How do you plug a monitor into a cpu?
    Push really hard?
  4. Try check if your RAM is seated correctly.
  5. I've made sure the RAM is in perfectly, and it is. I've tried to monitors, one at home and one at work, and neither works. The cables are pushed in all the way.

  6. Quote:
    How do you plug a monitor into a cpu?

    force of habit...i call a comp a cpu

    well if its still not workin yer integrated video on yer mobo might be fooked...i say send er back
  7. I'm pretty sure the integrated graphics are nvidia
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