compaq sr1426xn with onboard video card, Want 2 add new card

tHE PRESARIO sr1426nx apparantly does not have agp. It only has PCI slots to add a new card. The card I was thinking about buying is a
ATI RADEON 9250 256MB 256 MB PCI. Can someone please give me the 25 cent lesson on what I need to do this. Or, point me in the direction of some instructions that may already exist somewhere. I wanted to know if it is possible to do, first of all. Do I have to disable onboard graphics in the bios, delete old drivers? I most definatelt appreciate any help you can give.
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  1. First: you would be better of with a GF6200 PCI even though they seem difficult to find (at least the last time I checked) BHG and Sparkle have made them. If you can't find a GF6200 then a GF5500 or even a GF5200 is better than the Radeon 9250. The Radeon 9250 is a DirectX8.1 card while the other are DirectX9 cards.

    For installing the card remove the powercord from the computer, open the case, touch some bare metal inside (precaution agains ESD), then place the graphics card in the PCI slot closest to the CPU.

    Close the case again, reconnect the powercord and start your computer.

    When the OS reports 'New hardware is found' click 'Cancel' and let the computer finish booting. Then disable your antivirus software and install the driver either from the CD that comes with the graphics card or better yet one you have downloaded from the internet.

    The last Ati Catalyst driver to support the 9250 is version 6.5.

    As far as I know the latest driver from NVidia supports from GF5200 and newer.

    There should be no need of uninstalling anything and the Compaq BIOS should automaticly disable the onboard graphics.

    After installing the new graphics card remember to install the latest version of the Redistributable version of DirectX9c. If you can't find it at Microsoft you can download it here:
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