Is my CPU going to hold me back?

I just finished another round of upgrading, here are my basics:
Athlon 64 4000+ (OC to 2.64ghz) soc 939 bought just before am2 release :(
Sapphire x1900XTX
2x WD Raptor 74gb in RAID 0
2gb (2x1gb sticks) pc-3200 (400) Kingston ValueRam

I want to take advantage of ATI's lower prices for CF Edition x1900s, and I was planning on it anyway.

My question, then, is my proc. Is it going to throttle my new CF setup, buying me no performance increase, or am I going to see some better, noticible framerate increases. All I do is play games, surf, word docs on my computer, so consider nothing else other than games and frames.

Also, would 4gb of ram get me somewhere, or is that just overkill right now?
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  1. You don't need to make two of the exact same thread.
  2. i didnt know that i did......
  3. Well you just posted this exact same thread like an hour and a half ago in this very same section.
  4. well im sorry if i inconvenienced you by posting twice but it was an accident, didnt know that i did. so if you dont have an answer for me how about you just stop posting on either of my threads.
  5. Yes, Kill one of your threads...

    On the topic at hand, your current cpu is excellent for games. A crossfire setup will definately show framerate improvements using that cpu. Unless you are going to play tons of quake 4, you won't missing out on a dual core cpu for a while. Enjoy the CF!
  6. excellent, thanks for the response. i do understand the whole opengl for nvidia stuff, i just couldnt find a difinitive comparison between a recent single x1900 card and a cf setup. toms hardware vga chart is very outdated and i cant rely on that to compare either ati or nvidia counterparts because of newer drivers and such.

    how about my other question, anyone know if 4gb of ram would be prudent? its pretty cheap to upgrade ram nowadays, especially ddr ram.
  7. 2GB is plenty.
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