What's pinned on your taskbar?

Just got a new MSI Wind U210, a 12" netbook that's powerful enough to run Windows 7 Home Premium (forget about Aero though). After setting everything up, here are the icons pinned on my taskbar:
Yahoo Messenger
What's on yours, fellow Windows 7 users?
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  1. On my laptop I have a few office apps pinned, a few utilities such as speedfan, expression web 3, and of course opera and ie. So basically everything that I use. I find it quite convenient.
  2. TV, WMC & Fartfox.
  3. Firefox, WMP, last.fm, spotify, steam, MSN
  4. As little as possible. Firefox, Media Player, and Windows Explorer.
  5. Photoshop, Dremweaver, and firefox.
  6. Nothing. I dont use the taskbar. I hide it, lol.
  7. firefox,my corel products,office apps,ccleaner
  8. I'm a heavy taskbar user:

    In addition to the normal "pinned" applications, I've also attached two auxiliary toolbars, one containing a menu tree (to make up for the fact that I can't do this on the start menu any more) and a second "Quick Launch" one to hold the over a dozen apps that I use regularly. Pinning those dozen apps would double the space required on the taskbar.
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