bfg 6800 gt oc, thinking of getting this product for this ca
is a product iam thinking of getting. my card idels around 57- load arond 71-76or little more, the stock cooling on this card is not working for me. but when i look at the stock heat sink on this card i can see thearmal pads sit on muti chips, and this product will only go on the vga chip. so is it the product i should go with? it will cost around 80-100, priced on 3 different sites, think the cheapest is tigerdirect. please help need info from anyone with a bfg 6800 gt oc, and has replaced the stock heatsink.. thankz
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  1. guess no one wants to give me any help on this matter, or advice? iam thinking of getting the themeral take tai-chi case with water tech in it, but doesnt say that it will come with the stuff need'd to hook up to my vga, card ( bfg 6800 gt oc.
  2. with temps that high, sounds like you have poor airflow in your rig. I would suggest upgrading to higher CFM case fans as well as a cooling fan for an adjacent pci slot.

    It's not worth voiding your lifetime warranty for a water cooling solution that uses hot air from inside your rig.
    this is what i wanted to use that vga cooler in, thought maybe i would have better eairflow in this system
  4. for air cooling you might think about the arctic freezer
    it expels hot air out of the case and is 25$ us
    also comes with a good warranty
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