how much would you pay for this?

I am looking to do a small upgrade until I do a full overhaul when Vista/DX10 comes out. I think I am going to get a cheap socket 939 mobo and a Athlon 3200+.

how much would you pay for the CPU and mobo in my sig???? $100????
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  1. That might even be on the high side, I'd personally keep them for torubleshooting/making a computer for my mom/etc
  2. I'd pay the postage.
  3. Gimme 25$ and i'll take 'em. :wink:
  4. Keep Waiting... Your "upgrade" won't help you get to your goal. :)
  5. no one here is likely to buy it, but Ebay seems to be full of suckers buying socket A crap. The CPU will probably fetch $65, maybe $75 if you include the HSF. The mobo is anyone's guess. I know the Abit NF7-S still gets good money. I'd think your mobo will probably get $20-$25 max, maybe as low as $15. In total, you'll probably come close to $100, but only if you sell the cpu and mobo separately. Also, it's not going to help you if you list your cpu as being overclocked. Nobody on ebay wants to buy an overclocked cpu unless it can do some outrageously high clock, for example Opteron 165s that clock over 2.7 GHz run a premium over retail price on ebay.
  6. i would pay around 40 bucks for the CPU should it work.. And should it be built off the venice core, if you told me he board stats i would tell you what it should be worth
  7. i would say about 100 bucks too overall
  8. trade you a sampron 3100 and a ECs motherboard. You pay shipping b oth ways :lol:
  9. Its a Barton core, Venice cores are only socket 939 Athlon 64's.

    I am really not too concerned, It was just an inquiry, i dont even know if I will sell it. The motherboard is pretty nice as far as socket A mobos go. 4 PCI slots, 3 DDR400, 4 pata, 2 sata1.5 , 6 USB's, AGP 8X, AC'97 audio, passive chipset cooling. lots of OC options, temp monitor software. bought it for $70 2 years ago. Got the Barton for $120 2 years ago. I have all the original packaging, boxes, software.

    I might just overvolt the sucker and fry it to convince the wife to do the overhaul right now LOL
  10. Quote:
    trade you a sampron 3100 and a ECs motherboard. You pay shipping b oth ways :lol:

    if that's socket 754, that's a good deal!
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