Printer takes way too long to print

I have re-installed my printer 4 times, it takes forever to load anything that needs printed......even the programs.
All other programs open quickly and work as always. I have an epson artisan 700 that when you open any program to print with, just takes forever..........I have spent a whole day trying on my own, to no avail.
I have even did 2 earlier restore points, which were successful, but did not fix the problem. I am at my wits end, cannot wait 5-8 minutes to print out just 1 page.
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  1. At the print settings dialogue, go to "properties" or "printing preferences", then go to quality or finishing or whatever (I don't have epson printer myself, -sorry!) and then set it to normal or fast normal or fast draft
  2. Under the printer's properties, on the advanced tab, be sure that "spool print documents..." is set to "print immediately".
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