ECS vs Abit (ATI XPRESS 200P vs NFORCE 4)

I am trying to decide which motherboard to get for a new AMD64 3800+ with an ATI X850XL video card.

Which motherboard do you think would be the better choice? Obviously the chipsets are the main difference.

Thanks for the help!
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  1. I recomend going with the KN8, I have used a similar motherboard from Asus and am satisfied with its delivery. The chipsets wont make much of a difference, but the KN8 also has a gigabit lan while the RX480 has only 10/100. The price are about the same unless you are planing on getting rid of this system in a couple of months, get the KN8.
  2. thanks...anyone else have any input?
  3. KN8
    it also has RAID 0+1 your prob. never going to use it but its nice to know its there, has GbLAN onboard 6xUSB V.S. 4
    and i trust Abit more then ECS
  4. KN8 for better BIOS support & overclocking
  5. I have a board with the xpress 200 chipset. It's not bad, but the SB400 wasn't up to par compared to the nforce chipsets. I would stick with the nforce. Other boards with the later South Bridge revisions are much better performance wise. The main dificulties are in USB support and the management of IDE/SATA data rates (slower compared to nforce 4, especially the USB).
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