OC EPOX 8RDA+ & AMD XP 1800+

I have the EPOX 8RDA+ and an AMD 1800+ XP cpu with 512MB of memory. Toms hardware once gave a complete bios optimum bios settings of a certain ASUS M/B a long while back. Does anyone have my configuration and know wot the optimum bios settings could be for this M/B. What are your working settings.

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    1800+.... 512MB RAM... can't really squeeze anything out of it to be meaningful even though I the know the EPoX 8RDA+'s BIOS inside out as I used it to OC my Barton to 2.6Ghz for the past 2yrs.

    Find a cheap mobile Barton on eBay and get a pair of DDR400 512MB CL2.

    Perhaps you might help the guy then, since he wants to wring what performance he can out of what he has. I have an Epox 8RDA +Pro. Considering that to move to a new computer would require an expense he may not want to incur at this time would you be a good sport and help him out?
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