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I have noticed that my internet connection (DSL) dies whenever the ISP forces an IP change. The router will get the new IP but for some reason the internet connection on all computers dies. I have to hit the reset button on the router to get the connection back up.
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  1. It seems that your router has a problem with recieving dhcp settings. Check in the configuration for your router and see if there is an option to renew dhcp leases before they run out.
  2. Mmm... DHCP is disabled, actually. The internal network uses static IPs.
  3. yes, even though your router may not be acting as a dhcp server for your lan, most likely it is still receiving its settings from your isp's dhcp server.
  4. I work for a large isp in georgia. Linksys are S**T. Throw it away, best yet, return it. I see trouble with them EVERY DAY!
  5. Just because you have had bad luck or your screwing them up, dont tell people that all of them are crap. Most people have good luck with them, me included for over a year. Instead of just saying its crap why dont you give some helpful advice. Thats why this forum is here.

  6. Linksys placed on their boxes that they have a toll free # for support. Look at their boxes. The numbers are for every other country except USA. You email them your problem and get a generic reply. If I have helped someone by telling the trueth, so be it. If I'm a TROLL. Long live the trolls.
  7. I had this same problem. I have the linksys BEFSR41 router.
    Well, its not your router, I'll tell you that much. I mean, it may, but its the service screwing up. They're supposed to renew your DHCP lease, and I'm betting that they're changing your IP address every so often. In my case, it was every 15 minutes which really pissed me off. If you watch, they might not even change your IP address, only renew the lease. if thats the case, you need to contact them, explain to the Tier 1 guy that you have an IP issue so they'll transfer you to Tier 2, re-explain yourself and tell them you've done everything possible and you'd like a callback from the Tier 3 guy. If/When the Tier 3 guy calls back, you need to ask him to rip/rebuild the routers, he'll be confused for a second, because this isn't a common request and he probably doesn't handle it. He can however, give you the number of the office that handles their main routers. If you get that number, put it under your pillow and keep it forever. (should your service be SBC, let me know at and I can give you this number directly) So call this guy up, (becareful, he's not a low level CSR, this guy is completely certified and knows what he's doing) explain to him your problem and that you would like to have your information ripped from the routers and rebuilt. It takes about 2 minutes and more than likely he'll do it for you. It solved my problem after 3 months of dealing with the CSRs.

  8. i never realized so many problems with linksys, i guess me and people i know are just lucky cause outta 2 yrs + this Linksys BSF41 has been performing excellent

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  9. I don't have any problems with mine. In 8 months it's errored out once because I testing something. Other than that its worked fine. I have more problems with my ISPs than my router.:)

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