Need Mac Uninstaller Program-Freeware

Need mac version of Revo Uninstaller or similar freeware. only found Windows version. If not available, please offer alternatives. Thx.
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  1. Installed Avast; mac free version has limited features, vs. windows. Need to remove it & install better antivirus program; Sophos or comparable freeware.
  2. Friend, to uninstall, simply drag the icon to the Trash.

    As of 2012, Macs dont need anti-virus software
  3. Mine is a 2007 MacbookPro; an earlier model w. S-Leopard 10.6 o/s.
    You're saying, even on my earlier version, I don't have to use an Uninstaller program to remove all the files completely?
  4. Amnesia is probably the best. Its not freeware but offers a free trial. Take a look at it. I couldn't feel good about my Macs w/out such a program.
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