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Rebate warning for Tigerdirect customers

Last response: in Opinions and Experiences
March 4, 2007 11:32:35 PM

Do not fall for Rebate Scams!!

It is obvious that Tigerdirect makes a killing offering large rebates to lure customers into believing that they will save money from making purchases here.

I suppose that would be true if they actually paid these rebates! If you actually follow the very strict rules and meet all of the requirements to qualify for the rebate - than they simply refuse to pay - blaming everyone else involved until you get so aggravated you stop asking for it.

Beware of rebate offers - consider yourself extremely lucky if you have ever received one of these checks - you are one of the few lucky ones!!
March 6, 2007 1:02:20 AM

I have received every one of the rebates I have submitted (~20) and only one have I not gotten back and that was one from TigerDirect. Not sure if they are always bad about it though.
March 7, 2007 12:37:42 AM

Although we have had one or two rebates sent by them we are still trying to get them to pay a refund for shipping costs that they said they would pay. I have posted another message regarding this in this forum.

They sold us a piece of garbage mobo and cpu that were not compatible and they knew that when they shipped it (when I rang the cpu company they knew immediately it was regarding TigerDirect without me even mentioning them).

Although they eventually refunded the cost of the goods - only after I launched a PAYPAL complaint - they are still stalling on the refund of the shipping costs. Its a matter of principal that we shall continue to request that money until they honour their word.

We shall never deal with them again. They are not reputable.