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Well since my graphics card died, im stuck on this x300, i need to upgrade it. My budget is gonna be around £200, i see the 1900xt for £213 which im kind of pulling towards, but then i see the review of 1900gt. It says that the cores are from "binned Yields" so there isnt a real chance of unlocking the extra pipes. the 1900gt is £50 lower then the xt. But now the 1950 is coming out, will the 1900xt price drop further? The 1800XL is £150, do its about the same as the 1900gt, so its really hard to decide which to go for.
I dont want nvidia since so many people are having problems with there 7900gt, + it doesnt do HDR+AA.
I play games like CSS,HL2,BF2,GRAW.(Will prolly start oblivion when i get a better card to) The max res i play at is 1280 x 1024 so im not really interested in super high res.
Thanks in advance
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  1. If you have the cash, go for the X1900XT. If not, look for a X1800XT. It performs a little better than the X1900GT you mentioned. What site are you ordering from? And what's the rest of your system specs?
  2. specs r in my sig, i will be ordering from
    I will be upgrading to a conroe system soon, so i think the 1900xt is the best choice, but will the prices drop when the 1950 comes out
  3. Quote:
    will the prices drop when the 1950 comes out

    That's a possibility for sure.
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