What the difference between these Graphics Cards?

Is there any preferability to the next manufacturers?

Palit ATI radeon X550 256MB TV+DVI

Power Color radeon X550 256MB TV+DVI

GigaByte ATI radeon X550 256MB TV+DVI

the use is for video editing and grapgics.

Thank You!
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  1. The Palit ATI has a 350mhz core and 500mhz memory while the Power Color has a 100mhz core and 2ghz memory. The GigaByte says it has DVI but it's really VGA II. Also it has a 40mhz core but it's dual-core so it's essientially 80mhz.

    I would get the GigaByte one because it comes in a blue box which is pretty.

    Also the Palit comes with 3 fans and 2 heatsinks so it's nice and quiet.
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