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Simply genius! About two months ago I pulled open my girlfriends DELL XPS(she bought it on a whim without asking me first). And it was packed with dust, I mean packed!. However I must say its a pretty cool looking case, except for fan placement. Probably the dumbest fan design I’ve ever seen. Anyway back to the story, so I pull out the air compressor and clean all the fans(3x 120mm), cpu heatsink(came with the scythe mine 3 w/120mm fan stock, whoa!). After I get the thing all reassembled she asks, "how’s that much dust get in there". So I explain how the front air intake blows in cool air and the rear blows the exhaust etc. I told her they make filters for the fan to keep them from sucking dust into your pc. And this is where her great idea comes in. She tells me, why buy the filters? Why not just use a pair of old pantyhose and cut to fit over the fan(she’s a model and that’s what they put over the fans on her shoots to keep dust from being blown into the room)!!! So I said hell, that should work lets give it a try. So fast forward 2 months to last night, I pop open her case and its absolutely immaculate, almost no dust to be found! I simply popped off the fans, took off the pantyhose filter(which was covered with dust), rinsed them under water and reassembled. They didn’t even affect the airflow. And if you have a fan you can adjust you can double them up for better filtration, just juice the fan up for better air flow. Anyway, hope this helps some of you. Send thanks to my girlfriend lol.
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  1. lol thats a smart idea, im trying to build a plext glass case, i sliced my finger on the tip in two tips, its getting better, it was monda when it happened? do you have any advice for a plexy glass case?
  2. i suggest you pitch the plexyglass case out the window and get yourself a good ALL aluminum case. You should be much more satisfied with it as far as looks, cooling and longevity. Plus the whole window in the case with neon lights was soo 2004.
  3. oh..
    i have a aliminun window..its perfect condition, i just have a old junker celeron around and i anted to do something differet,,its kinda for my friend for his bday
  4. Panty hose and their 1001 uses.

    Now I need some black fish nets for the case mod I am doing. I don't suppose any of you guys have some lying around?
  5. Someone i worked with has been doing that for years.... :)
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