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I am installing Office 2007 on a dell minspirion mini with no optical drive. So i copied the disk to the hard drive and tried running the setup.exe using the administrator account and using different options of compatability. It always does the same thing. A dos window flashes open and then it closes and nothing more happens.
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  1. That's because all the references Setup.exe encounters to files it needs refer to an optical drive and not to C:. Sooner or later you'll need an optical for that netbook so buy a cheap USB external on e-Bay or in your local PC shop.

  2. I suspected that might be the problem.
    I'm just setting up the mini for an older woman that travels alot but doesm't know anything about computers I've never had a need for an external, but it looks like a good time to get one.
    Thank's for the help, much appreciated
  3. I got an external usb powered drive and it installed fine. I tried the office 2007 disk clicked the setup file and the same result occured. The dos window opens, a short line runs and it immediately closes and nothing else happens.

    I tried every compatability setting including the reccomended and the results were the same.

  4. Doesn't sound like a standard Office 2007 disk to me. Could it be a network edition? It's either that or the system has remembered previous install attempts and is throwing the same message as before. You'd need to look in the Registry at H_KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>Software>Microsoft and delete all the Office keys.

  5. Hello,
    Sorry for the delay in replying.
    I deleted the entries in the registry and tried again and got the same result.
    The disk is an enterprise edition.
    I gave up on the Office 2007 disk nd installed Office XP. It installed and worked fine.

    Thank You for your help
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