7950 and General SLI question

I understand the concept behind SLI but I dont know exactly how the physical connections to go the montior. As in how many video cables are needed to connect?

It seems that it would be 2 but what if the monitor doesnt have 2 video input? Or is the a splitter type conntection?

I want to go SLI in my next build and Im looking at the 7950.

Has anyone actually gotten the 7950 and does it perfrom in SLI mode as if it were 2 seprate cards?
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  1. I'm pretty sure you only use 1...
  2. In SLI you plug your monitor into only one of the video cards.

    As for the 7950 GX2, I would think long and hard before buying that card. It's two cards built into one, with a GPU on each card. It behaves like SLI, except that you don't have to bridge the cards and only one PCI-E slot is used.

    I have and still have many problems with my 7950 GX2 and it currently will not operate. First problems involved run/stop errors and computer rebooting (couldn't run anything with it); now I am experiencing artifacting and the computer freezes up. I have tried the 91.31 drivers (run/stop errors/rebooting), then I tried the 91.33 drivers and card ran find for a month (then artifacting started), then last nite I tried the 91.37 drivers and artifacting started about 5 minutes after computer booting. Temps never got above 59 degrees celcius prior to artifacting, so it isn't a heat issue.

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