E6400 and E6600 Availability

Why is the E6400 available all over the place but the E6600 is only available (for pre-order) through a few vendors? Here are the results from Pricegrabber.




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  1. Everyone wanted the E6600, so when it was released, they got bought up very quickly. Why? The E6300/6400 have 2mb of L2, while the E6600/6700/X6800 have 4mb L2. Most people wanted the extra cache since the clock speed difference could easily be made up by overclocking. Since the E6600 was the cheapest one with 4mb, they sold out within hours.
  2. I understand the fact that all the available E6600s were bought up quickly because of the increased demand for them but that doesn't explain why only a few vendors have had them while many more vendors have had the E6300 and 6400.
  3. I ordered the E6600 from TigerDirect for only $359
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