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help i cant get my dell to read a nvidia geforce fx 5200

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August 10, 2006 7:12:52 PM

hello i just bought a nividia geforce fx 5200 and when i bought the graphics card i thought i needed to plug in the system supply in order to make the card work but i talked to some ppl that know alot about graphics cards and they said that i dont need to plug in the system supply to make it work but the graphics cards speed wont work as fast as it can but the graphics will so MY PROBLEM IS THAT my dell cant read the graphics card cause the comp is still reading my inagratd card and some ppl said i am soposed to go in to the bios and do something to make the comp read the nvidia geforce fx 5200 but i dont know how to do that so can someone tell me
August 10, 2006 10:03:54 PM

Uh...I'm confused about the "reading" part. But right now your computer doesn't know whether it should use the onboard video or the new add-in GPU. We've got to tell it to disable the onboard. What model is your Dell? That way I can look up the manual and exact intstructions.

If you can't wait, follow these instructions: When you boot up the system, during the boot-up logo, it will say off in the corner "Press DEL for setup". It might not say "DEL" exactly, but it will list some key. For reference DEL stands for the Delete key. Press the key, whether it be Delete or an Fxx key.. It will be a blue screen with plenty of options. Use the up/down keys to manuever yourself. Anything say Onboard Peripherals or Graphics or something to that effect? What are your options? Can you disable the onboard now?

August 10, 2006 10:31:17 PM

SEll the Dell and get yourself a new rig :)  wit the money.
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August 10, 2006 10:35:38 PM

Dude, you got a Dell.
August 11, 2006 12:43:17 AM

I've found a recently built Dell. The button to press when the Dell logo comes on during restart is F2. It should be the same on your machine.

a b U Graphics card
August 11, 2006 1:12:28 AM

try start menu then goto
control panel
apperence and themes

see if you have a 1 and a 2 which should be
onboard and the fx 5200. <edit> monitors that is

if so switch to the fx 5200 then the screen should blank
and you will have to move the monitor plug from
the onboard port to the plug on the video card
and restart.

that is if you have the nvidia drivers in stalled?
August 11, 2006 5:56:53 PM

well i got the wizard to pop up some how and tryed to do what the manual said but it is so confusing and so hard to undersand what is wants me to do i think i did want it wanted me to do so after i did wat the manual said i restarted the comp by myself cause i think it was soposed to restart by its self but it didnt do that cause the comp didnt want to restart so when the comp was rebouting i prested f2 and the bios screen poped up and i whent to the prrimary display and set it to auto and saved it and the graphics card was working fine untile when the windows tryed to start were im soposed to sighn in it showed a black screen and stade there and it didnt work someone help PLZ SOMEONE HELP and i also have anpther problem my bro tryed to help me instal the drivers but he had no idea want he was doing so he installed all the drivers all at the same time and in the manual u had to first instal the DirectX 9 first before u instal any other drivers for your comp so i messed up on that so
i tryed to uninstal and the drivers that i instaled that i wasnt soposed to do i go to the control panal and delete the nvidia drivers and then i restart my comp so when i do that i make sure that all of the drivers are deleted but when i try to install the drivers angain it said that all the drivers are alreay installed BUT I JUST DELETED IT AND I DONT KNOW WHY IT SAID THAT so can someone tell me HOW TO DELETE THE DRIVERS FOR GOOD SO I CAN DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN THE RIGHT WAY
August 11, 2006 6:06:03 PM

Uggh my eyes and head hurt trying to read your posts please break them up into paragraphs a little and we might be able to help you better.
August 11, 2006 6:11:31 PM

More like FX5200OWNEDME. C'mon, am I right or am I right?
August 11, 2006 7:30:04 PM

Sorry I needed to uncross my eyes for a little while. goes.

You need to boot into Windows Safe mode.

Restart your computer, as soon as you see the Dell Logo and screen that says BIOS revision, hit the F8 key. It will take you to a menu. Hit F8 again and you will be presented with a list of option on how to boot Windows. Select the option to boot into windows Safe Mode and hit enter. You will need to hit enter again to boot.

The boot process will look different but you will be prompted to boot into Windows under a special diagnostic mode, just click the yes (or OK) button to continue booting.

Now, go to control panel and uninstall the nVidia drivers from there. I would also uninstall DirectX 9 from there as well as it sounds as if you screwed that up too. You do not need to install it first, in fact I would recommend not installing DX9 until you have your nVidia drivers up and running smoothly.

Now reboot your system like you normally would. You should be able to get into Windows now without any problem. Now go through the install process for your nVidia drivers and restart the machine. If you can reboot and get back into Windows without problems you've been successful and can proceed to install DX9.
August 12, 2006 6:19:51 PM

More like FX5200OWNEDME. C'mon, am I right or am I right?

Very True. I tryed helping him with this before(we go to school together.....unfortuantely). Told em to just dump the PCI card, and start saving for a new setup. If anyone cares, he has a Dell Dimmension 3000. Its Defintely garbage.