Bad hard drive block

well i have a bad drve block, which isnt good, so i will probably need a new HDD which isnt good because dell didnt give me any installation discs, is there anyway at all to do anything to fix it besides getting a new one.
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  1. New HDD + Norton Ghost. Thats what you need.
    Otherwise, call up Dell and order them for $20 bucks.
  2. Depending on where that block is, the drive should just mark it as bad and use one of the spare ones it's got available. get a friend to lend you their XP cd (assuming XP is the OS installed on this drive) and boot from it. Get into the recovery console and run chkdsk from there.
  3. see the problem is i put n some other stuff so if i give it to dell i think it wont have a warrenty
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