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Anybody know some great online file storage options for free?
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  1. I'm fairly sure there aren't any. Now if you are asking for image hosting, I am fairly certain that there are many options that the users of this forum could inform you about.
  2. The Google God's say otherwise, check I believe there are many file storage\hosting sites similar to rapidshare, only with ftps and https access.
  3. I know of oohsah which offer 1TB of free storage online but I have never used it so I'm not sure how good they are. Well of course they are free so it's worth giving them a try. But I would definitly keep what gbjuno said in mind especially since they are free.

    Oh yeah it's still in beta so ????????? I do plan on trying it out soon but I will just put unsensitive data up there.
  4. You can just google and look up a few sites.
  5. right off the bat, oosah says nothing about security so if this is a concern, i would hesitate using it until they say otherwise. seems pretty legit. I am testing out Dropbox and they do offer 2GB free and 50GB for $100/yr. I believe it works on Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  6. wrong address. attempted to edit post but coudn't.
    One cool feature is the fact it keeps track of revisions and deleted files. So, if you accidentally saved a file and needed to redo your changes, you can login to the site and pull down an earlier version. It will also recover files you have deleted too. And, you have the ability to share files you want to share with others. I encourage anyone to watch their video if they are interested in online storage.
    And, FYI, I am in no way affiliated or being paid by this company. I just believe in sharing good, positive info.
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