Modifying existing case with oak wood.

Not having much success in finding a HTPC case. (Expensive and often not meeting all criteria) Looking at cutting down old atx tower, turning on side, rotating drive cages 90 degrees, removing plastic case bezel, and making new bezel out of oak.

Question: Any problem using wood as case bezel??? It is probably no more flamable than the current plastic one.

Sounds like alot of work, but my hobbies are building furniture and computers for myself and others. Time is not an issue when its a hobby.
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  1. Well. how would it attach correctly?plastic bends so the clips can latch into place.

    besides that the wood wont allow air thru so cooling will be an issue
  2. Not at all if just the front bezel. I would make sure that you are able to get adequate air flow from the rest of the case though. Or cut some decorative slots in the wood.
  3. hmm that would be interesting.

    if you do it and get finished with it post a picture of the case finished. i would really like to see it.
  4. The center of the bezel will be hollow underneath with a gap at the bottom like the current plastic bezel. Mounted with four screws unless it think of something better. I believe the design will work.

    I am more concerned about radio frequencies, stactic electricity, and possible increased fire hazard. ie: Electro-dynamics and safety. Keep in mind the inner steel aspect of the case under the bezel will still be in place.
  5. Thanks for your input. Once I'm satisfied with the responses from the forum, the building begins. I'll take pictures. The planned dimensions are 17" w X 8 h X 13 d. Chopping the depth a little. 2 case fans. Design not set in concrete. Thanks again.
  6. yes, me wants pics. this is intresting.

    anyways, fire hazard shouldn't be an issue since there is a layer of metal between the wood and the components. if the wood is glazed then u should be fine but if its a dry wood then yes thats a fire hazard
  7. double post.

    hey ronfaul do u have MSN AIM, or YIM? if u do post it here or PM me that info, i wanna ask u something.
  8. about 6 months ago,I read on some website and it also posted pics of someone who built an entire case outta wood!

    found this one though:.....hope its ok to post the link here?

    just google "wood computer cases"
  9. Thank You

    Very helpfull article.
  10. I'd be more worried about woods insulating properties, a front bezel probably won't make a huge difference, just make sure you have good circulation.
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