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I am looking to buy a new computer with the Intel Core 2 Duo processor based system that has a good cooling cpu fan. Also, I would like the cpu fan to be easy to replace because if the fan goes out then I will need to replace it myself. A pc can be built for this but I prefer to buy a preconfigured motherboard from Dell, Systemax, Gateway, HP, or Sony. Of course, it would be nice to buy a couple of CPU fans from the manufacturer of the PC when the computer is purchased for spares just in case a problem occurs. However, it seems most manufacturers offer many options for BTO's except this one. It should be noted that on Tom's Newsletter, (Aug. 8) Dell has been having trouble with the cooling system for the XPS 700 top of the line desktop system. This, of course, brings me many concerns when buying a Dell system. My previous Dell system was great but Dell's support has gone downhill since then and I would definitely forgo any extra technical support from this company. Does any one have any suggestions of what can be done or where I can go for help on this topic?
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  1. Not many of those systems will have after market cooling solutions, they will all use the stock coolers. You have to recognize as well that if you crack that case open for some of the systems you have just voided the warranty on the entire computer.

    If you want to configure everything then go to a custom shop in town or someone like falcon northwest.

    I personally think you should just build it yourself so that you get exactly what you want....
  2. Do you have a reason to need a good CPU cooler. Since you want to buy from standard retail places, it leads me to believe you just want to use a PC for nothing much more than what most people us PC for... word processing, watching DVD's, listening to music...

    If you plan on doing serious gaming or overclocking, than DIY is your best bet. Other than that, just look around for whatever retail store has the best deal on a computer and jump on it.
  3. Dude! Dont get a Dell!
    Or any other prebuilt system.

    They are under powered, over priced, and come loaded with so much crap it makes me sick.

    Show me any system you want and i'll build you a better one for less money.
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