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Can't anyone point me to the right direction of where to get a benchmarking software to measure the bandwith of my hard drive? I have raid 0 array and just want to know how fast is can write, read, etc and to be able to compare it to other pc. :)

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  1. Anyone at all can give a good site to download a good storage benchmarking software for free. :)
  2. iozone, hdtach, bench32, sandra, to name a few.....
  3. Well thanks guys for your help and what are your storage benchies anyways, if you don't mind me asking?
  4. Man, those cheetah's are fast, but not worth the price difference, except in my servers :)

    2x Samsung Spinpoint 250's SATA on NVRAID with HDTach3 (long test) and Everest (trial):

    Transfer rate: 105.8MB/s
    Burst Speed: 255.0MB/s
    Random Access: 13.9ms (sure got me there wusy!)

    Linear (middle): 123.5MB/s
    Random: 118.1MB/s
    Buffered: 342.9MB/s
    Avg Read Access: 13.81

    At least they agree on my access time :)

    And here's from ATTI bench32, this is just crazy talk:

    Transfer Size 512KB to 1024KB Total Length of 32MB no Direct I/O Queue Depth of 4

    Write Read
    .5 26.8MB 93.7MB
    1 26.0MB 179.5MB
    2 23.2MB 336.6MB
    4 16.0MB 590.3MB
    8 16.8MB 937.3MB :trophy:
    16 15.3MB 247.4MB
    32 13.2MB 527.0MB
    64 19.5MB 713.0MB
    128 35.0MB 889.2MB
    256 24.4MB 956.3MB :trophy:
    512 212MB 351.4MB (weird jump huh?)
    1024 143.8MB 142.3MB

    I don't think that program works too well :)
  5. Well I tried the softwares that you guys are suggesting but I have not manage to run them. Too complicated for me I guess but however I manage to run Nbench. I don't know if you guys are familiar with it but when I run the test for the hard drive (raid 0 74Gb Raptor) I got this:

    Disk performance, MBytes/sec
    File size: 10.0 Mbytes

    thread: 0
    write: 158.73
    read: 45.66

    First of all I don't know which drive is it running. I have 2 drive, main is raid 0 and slave which is regular 7200rpm drive. Still don't know what this numbers corresponds to it's performance.
  6. I've got a couple of the new 15k cheetahs in 2 of my servers, they are currently restricted to a 160 card though :(

    I've got around 10 18GB 10k's lying around, 3 in use on one of my personal servers, I use the others for various backup needs and ghost images, they are still fast.

    To Chuckshissle, hdtach is stupid easy, just click "Run Test" :)
  7. Okay Im running HD Tach and this is my results.

    Quick bench (8Mb zones)

    My main drive: Raid 0 2x74Gb Raptor = 222.1 MB/s
    My backup/storage drive: WD 300Gb Caviar = 119.1 MB/s

    How's that? :)
  8. Those Burst times?
  9. Yes. Is that good?
  10. Quote:
    Yes, and the average read says 120 Mb/s. Is that good?

    Sound like it's on PCI 32-bit 33Mhz +overhead =122MB.s at max.
    Yes that's a healthy score.

    I'm using onboard raid controller of the Gigabyte GA-8N SLi Royal mobo with Nvidia Serial ATA raid 0. Is there any way this can be improved? This is my first raid pc and still don't know much about it. :)
  11. Mine was a bit faster and it's on an msi k8n neo4 platinum with the nvraid, I assume it would the same or similar to yours. I'd recommend something for you to tweak, but it's 3am and I'm not thinking straight, maybe in the morning.
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