System files Corrupt PLEASE HELP

Hi i have a dell inspirion 1545. I have no idea how this happened but it only boots into the recovery partition. i used G-parted to switch the c: partition to active now it just says bootmrg is missing. i rebuilt the boot record in the repair console and nothing. It still says bootmrg is missing. Right now i have the hdd attached to a working computer in an external enclosure, any ideas i could try with it to maybe repair the operating system files? Btw checkdisk freezes at 46% when its in the computer saying something about how the drive is write protected cannot fix errors? :pt1cable:
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  1. First, get that drive out of the external case! Sure, it is OK to grab files while mounted that way if you wish, but you do not want to do anything to the partitions EXCEPT in the PC it was created in.

    Why did you change the active partition to C:? Many Win7 PCs, my HP is one of them, have a small separate boot partition. My C: drive is NOT bootable.

    The checkdisk error could be the result of a hardware failure, or a badly corrupted partition. To check the hardware download a diagnostic disk from the manufacturer of your hard drive and run a full test.
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