Does windows 7 store..

does windows 7 store BSOD codes somewhere?

like i have had quite a few recently, well sence i first upgraded to 7, i think its my sound chip, imo.

i was just wondering weather i could find any of the BSOD codes stored somewhere?
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  1. It stores this info in a (mini)dump file which you can view with blue screen view.

    Also, check the event viewer for errors.
  2. ok cheers where would i find this event viewer? to save me about 3 seconds on google ;) and or 15minutes trawling through the control pannle
  3. It's windows 7! click start and type "event viewer" in the search box. It should pull it up in the list.
  4. hit the start button and in the search field type Event Viewer
  5. allright cheers, i used the utility event viewer thingy you linked,was an interesting find. I found my PC blue screens withing 5minutes of me getting up and walking away, E.G. when i go to work or if i just pop out to get some cigs or something. I didnt used to ahve a screen saver, but the settings were set to "screen saver cuts in at 5 minutes."

    in total i think ive had over 47/48 BSOD's sence i installed windows 7 about 2/3months ago.

    alot of the codes point towards;


    one unknown and a watchdog.sys

    i know the ntoskrnl.exe is a low level coms thingy that needs to connect tot he inter-webs for the DNS and what not but no idea what the rest of them are, or weather i should be worried or attempt to fix them. Any ideas?

    if you need my system specs just ask.
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    Is this a system you built? 47 BSOD's in 2-3 months is excessive. If you built this yourself, did you run stability tests after completing the build? At this point it sounds like the system wasn't stable from the beginning.

    First off, I'd disable sleep and hibernate modes since this seems to be when you get BSOD's. You can enable them later. I'd also grab a copy of memtest86 and let it runn for at least 5 passes to make sure memory is configured properly.
  7. yea i upgraded from a pcworld bought packardbell, 3 years ago, got a new case new mobo and cpu then from there i got hooked =D

    its an asus p5KPL/1600 mobo

    C2Q Q8200, it has a 20% OC on it so its running at 2.81ghz. (thats as fast as i can make it go)

    got 4gb (2x2) corsair CMS2X.
    I've run Memtest a few times and let it go for 2 passes each time, clear as a bell

    got a samsung F3 1TB, thats clear as a bell

    got an XFX GTS250, thats given me abit of trouble but seems fine now

    I bought an XFX 750I mobo about 6/7 months ago as an upgrade from the asus, and that wouldnt boot, i jsut got error codes with no meaning, i did it properly as well, with just basicas attatched, i finaly got it to boot and ran the Nvidia tune/stability tests and they never finished, it would boot, lock, reset, boot, be fine untill i played something then it BSODed. in the end i RMAed it and they said it worked fine but gave me a refund(this was back on win XP when it still crashed but not as oftern) then i upgrade to 7 and its been...messy ever sence. I can live with it, its just clearly not ment to happen this oftern.

    il go disable sleep and hibernate and il see if that fixes it. I downloaded a Matrix screensaver the other day and the BSOD's seem to have sorted them selves out to some extent, it still happens but less ofter we will see, i will post back again either tomorrow morning or after the weekend as i have a wedding to go and get drunk at =D

    thanks for the support so far =D
  8. Did you ever run prime95 and memtest86 after completing your system, especially after the OC. You might want to temporarily back off the OC and run at stock speeds.

    Also, when you last replaced your motherboard, did you do a clean install of the OS. If you didn't, this is a big cause of BSOD.
  9. hmm. didnt run prime95 but did do memtest86. and no i didnt do a clean install (im rather lazy) tis probably why it didnt work.... /facepalm
  10. Ahhh.... your system has drivers specific to the motherboard you are using. If you simply move the OS drive to a new system you will be using the wrong drivers. Sometimes a repair install might fix it, but it's always best to do a clean install when changing motherboards.
  11. well i did uninstall as much asus drivers as possible and finally was able to install the nvidia ones, thats how i did the nvidia tune up/stress test but yeah, and sence i turned off the hibernate and sleep it hasn't BSODed....infact it hasnt BSODed at all today. hurray
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  13. cheers guys, it didnt do it untill i launched Dirt 3 yesterday and then it crashed and Bsod'ed, other then that its been fine, alltho just booted it up this morning, 4mins afteri boot it im on my GF's PC getting her to a website, and i hear my GPU fan start trying to get to take off speed, so i turned around and sure enough, i just caught a BSOD screen switch to a POST screen. Oh well, il just keep trying things untill it stoped. if it becoimes as bad as itt was again, il post again.

    Cheers =D (/hugs)

    P.S, sorry about spelling, I've not finished my morning brew yet
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