Virus on Tomshardware webpage??? WTF

Hey all, just thought Id share what just happened to me. I use Avast anitvirus protection and it just flashed up that a freaking WORM from this site was trying to enter my computer.

WTF and has anyone else gotten this.
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  1. Nope nothing here, and we have 2 different layers of active protection here (a scan wouldn't show current threat, just somerthing that already got in) but then again we also have about 30 layers of hardware firewalls here too so maybe it's not getting to my desktop whatever the offending packet is that's causing your software to freak out. Sounds more like a false positive hit on something like a banner ad or something like an ad tracker.
  2. Tom is trying to hack your computer.
  3. He wants my pictures of naked cable pairs, Oooohhh, sexy! :mrgreen:
  4. most of you dont know this but toms is actually an evil organization bent on world domination and they are just putting there plan into effect

    step1: massive amounts of spyware and viruses on every computer
    step2: nukes
  5. Oh really?

  6. tis true
    i hear there goin to hold the world hostage for a ransom of eleventy billion dollars
  7. Tom: "All Your Base Are Belong To Us"
  8. But of course...

  9. ive discoverd the identity of tom!!!!
  10. my keyboard burt into flames! Tom is evil... let's put him and his virry in /dev/null :D
  11. Well then that would make Tom the Minion of Evil... thus Making OMID the Head of the Evil Umpire!

    Tom is like the Fresca of Evil and Lars would be the Diet Shasta of Evil, so evil, but outdated and no longer seen! :twisted:
  12. Quote:
    But of course...

    That is the most amazing picture ever. I have yet to meet another person who has even heard of Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2 century!


    All your base belong to THG!
  13. Who has never heard of Duck Dodgers? I used to own the books they had when I was young.
  14. You think TGGA wouldn't know Duck Dodgers?

    Dude ate my salad at the last Toon convention. :lol:
  15. i like how this went from a worm on toms to toms taking over the world to duck dodgers, the whole time being in the ati forum
  16. Perhaps Tom is using Radeon chips to take over our PCs.

    BTW: Marvin the Martian sits on top of my monitor to keep me in-line...
    He say's his P32-Space Modulator has been upgraded with HDR and faster memory...
  17. Quote:
    You think TGGA wouldn't know Duck Dodgers?

    Dude ate my salad at the last Toon convention. :lol:

    Last toon convention I had was full of Grey Goose, 4 DVD's, and a woman.... AHHH great evening LOL. 8O
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