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hello, up for sale is a set of Radeon X1950 Pro built by ATI. i use these set in a crossfire configuration for several month. i got them since november of last year. these cards really adds the bling to every game i played. i had a good time playing my games with them everytime.
however, i recently got a GeForce 8800gtx about a month now and i have decided to let these go.
i also upgraded the heatsink for the cards to the thermal right hr-03. they are great heatsink and they kept the gpu cool. i use arctic silver compound between the gpu and the heatsink, and for the ram i use arctic alumina adhesive. i also still have the original heatsink as well, but the thermalright are better.
all the original accessory are still available, but i don't use them all i only take picture of the unopen ones. i never use the driver cd, i just download the latest driver from the web. i include the original heatsink on request, to reduce weight and shipping cost. if you don't need them i can throw them away for you.
i also have a good reputation on ebay. you could check my member name on ebay, xxcysxx. i play and trade video games, locally and online in disscusion forums.

well, that's about all i have for it. if you have made it this far to toms hardware forums, you should already know what these are, so i'm going to save on the technical spec. but if you have any question reqarding the listing, ask away.

email: tranthientam(at)comcast(dot)net

asking price is $400 shipped in usa. i take paypal, personal check, or money order.

below are some pictures of the video cards and its accessories.

thanks for looking.


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  1. wow... wish i could only buy one.... i just bought a 1950GT....
  2. you will only get $300 for then, some sold the same in Australia for $350 Aussie dollar which is $300 US.
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