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I've been building a computer from scratch and it was going okay until the motherboard northbridge burned out, the company fixed it under warrenty. But now I'm having all types of problems, including needing to re formate the hard drive. That I can fix. What I can't fix and have no idea how to fix is that my 3200+ has it's HT multiply at five insted of ten. In the bios I can choose HT multiplyer 1X through 5X and also auto. Auto used to be 10X, now it's 5X. I did clear the bios and it still didn't fix. Any suggustions? I have duel channle PC4000 2gig memory. Aspire power supply. Biostar motherboard, raptor 80Gig Hard Drive, and 6600GT power supply.

EDIT: hm, just relized I posted in the wrong forum,, although if overclocking would fix this...
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  1. Actually X5 is correct, 200MHz (CPU) X 5 (HTT) = 1000MHZ.
    You are probably thinking 2000MHz based on reading the specs for the HTT buss speed. In fact 2000MHz is a marketing ploy (of sorts). The HTT buss is really is 1000MHz with something called "double pumping" (essentially 1000 X 2), but the buss is in fact 1000MHz.
  2. Alright then, thanks for the reply. Still have a question though. It only reads the cpu at 1 gigahertz, insted of 2gigahertz. Do I need to re put in the times two thing?
  3. The cool'n'quiet must be enabled. It downclocks the processor speed when nothing heavy is on.
    Disable it, to be always on the full speed.
  4. Sweet! Thats even better news then I was hoping for. So as soon as I start playing a game of something it'll clock back up?
  5. Just make sure that you didnt set your cpu multiplier to 5x, because that will make your cpu at 1000mhz! I only say this because you said that it used to be at 10x for the HTT, but that isnt possible as 5x is the highest for the HTT speed and your processor is stock 10x200 for a 2000mhz opterating speed. Also I believe that cool and quiet mode brings it down to a 4x multiplier making your processor run at 800mhz so I think you may have it all backwards in your bios!


  6. AMD quote the HTT speed as 2000MHz as a marketing ploy as it is full duplex, i.e. there is a 1000MHz link in each direction, up and down.

    All AMD CPUs other than the FX series are multiplier locked anyway, so with Cool 'n' Quiet disabled (which imho it always should be but thats just me :P ) you cant change the CPU multiplier anyway so dont worry about it
  7. you can change the CPU multiplier, but you can only lower it! On the FX chips you can higher or lower it. My current CPU is set at (9.5x252) with a 4x HTT multiplier making my final setting be 2.4ghz with 1008mhz HTT speed 2016 effective! My stock setting is (11x200)


  8. I cant even lower the mulitplier on my old a64 3000 s754 with abit kv8-max3 motherboard.
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