installing a dvd burner in aspire 3000 notebook

I bought a dvd burner (samsung) to replace the cdr/dvd combo drive in my ........acer aspire 3002 lci.
I seem to be having a little trouble......i removed the screw in the bottom of notebook that allows the optical drive to slide out.....but it does not want to seem to budge.....i applied a fair amount of pressure on it but it does not want to slide out.

Any help would be great.
thanks fellow onions
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  1. it is likely that if it doesnt have a nice switch to remove the CDdrive (like dell) you need to also remove an internal screw. I do not recomend doing this yourself, but make sure i am right by checking with or their tech support.
  2. First step to check at you should be able to find a manual about how to replace parts of your notebook.
    You bought the new drive before removing the old?Quite risky I think.Are you sure it fits?
    Another issue you might have is that there is no jumpers on the drive to set it as master/slave/cs.I think its done only with bios flashing.So you better check the device manager in windows to see on which ide controller your drive is connected to determine if it is master or slave.Your new drive must be the same.(That was the reason that I finally didnt buy a dvdrw.I didnt take my chances.I bought an external USB disk for backup instead:)
    Good luck!
  3. No Problem...............i had to remove the keyboard.....underneath was a screw i removed that allowed that allowed old optical drive to slide right out.

    no jumpers to deal with..........slide the new drive in works great,

    Here is a link with pictures,,,,,,,was easy
  4. Actualy, you broke the rs-3pin connector off. You will have issues when the new drive switches from the 4pin power connector to the 3pin. I recommend a new computer at this point as its impossible to fix this issue without ruining the case, hdd, and proxy board.

    ;) nice job. Most people wont touch the scews on their laptops (for good reason lol)
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