ASUS P5B New Build Problems...

Hi guys, I'm building my first PC at the moment, and after building all the way through, following all the instructions provided with my mobo, hdd, ram, and everything, I still have yet to get it to POST. I've tried doing an out of case build, just putting in the Pentium D 915 with the heatsink/fan, the 1GB pqi TURBO DDR2 800mhz, and the eVGA Geforce 7900gt, and it still will not POST.

The first time I booted up inside the case, all of the fans went on, the PSU fans, the CPU fan, and the GPU fan, and after staying on for a few seconds, it automatically powers down. When I booted it up with the mobo laying in its cardboard box, it does the same thing except it does not automatically shutdown and the hard switch must be flipped. There is no output to the monitor at anytime whatsoever, and it acts like it is in powersaving mode.

The only problems I encountered when I was piecing it together, was when I frst attempted to install the CPU fan/heatsink, some of the thermal pad rubbed off onto the CPU, it was only a small bit, less than a fifth of the substance. I used paper towels and rubbing alcohol to remove it. Now after doing the out of case boot, I removed the heatsink and found that more thermal pad was now on the CPU and instead of being the original square shape, both were now circular. The heatsink gets hot and does not remain off. Should I remove the thermal junk off the CPU or leave it? Please help, this is getting to the point of severe aggravation. Any suggestions or tips or whatever would be greatly appreciated...

I feel like an idiot...I looked it up and the thermal pad is supposed to melt, but besides that I have no idea what could be the problem. A standoff issue would have been resolved by doing the out of case boot. A very very remote possibility could have been the fact that when I tried to do that out of case boot, the GFX card became dislodged, that would be in compliance with the fact that there was nothing appearing on the screen.
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  1. Does anybody frequent these boards at all?
  2. I just began building a new PC today with the P5B Deluxe. I haven't finished yet so I can't comment on my experiences. I'll come back and let you know if I have similar problems.

    Did you notice the BIOS version? The Pentium D 915 is quite new, and perhaps the BIOS in the P5B doesn't recognise it. Have you checked on for any BIOS update? There is definitely one for the P5B Deluxe... but I haven't yet found out if my MoBo has it already.
  3. EDIT: Disregard this post, and I still have not found the source of my problems. Maybe this board does not have a BIOS capable of running a Pentium D.
  4. First of all new boards are picky about the ram you use. Try booting with one stick of memory.
  5. Ok, after leaving the CMOS battery out for awhile and replacing it, I've finally got some output in the form of beeps. It's one long beep followed by two short beeps and it repeats. Thanks for the input about the RAM, from what I've read so far that seems to be a common answer. Also I've read that that beep code may be indicative of a memory issue. I'm getting closer now I think...
  6. So you checked the BIOS?

    The P5B needs BIOS 0211 to support the 915. It's available from:
    P5B BIOS Update 0211

    The P5B Deluxe may need BIOS 0302 or newer. The latest at time of writing is 0502 (which allows an FSB of 650MHz!) Get that from:
    P5B Deluxe BIOS Update 0502
  7. Update on my progress:

    I did indeed encounter problems... and they do appear to be BIOS related. Mine's did POST, but then came up with a CPU uCode error. I guessed this means that the BIOS doesn't support my Core 2 Duo. Turns out the board had the original BIOS version. Thanks to the BIOS's utility, which allows you to flash the BIOS from a USB Flash Drive, I updated to the latest release (non-Beta). Now I'm up and running, but having to reinstall Windows... which is only to be expected.

    If the EZ Update utility is not in the non-Deluxe board, you'd need to install an older CPU in order to get the BIOS updated.
  8. What leads to me believe that it is not a lack of support of my proccessor is the fact that I can't even POST at all. Also the beeps I noted before were because my memory was not inserted fully. So without my memory being plugged in, the BIOS, though not displaying any output, acted correctly in giving off the beeps as warnings. Once I put the stick in, bam, no more output, neither beeps nor display.
  9. May I ask what BIOS revision you had? I recieved my P5B Deluxe w/ revision 0206, which, according to the Asus website, doesn't support ANY processor. I know that has to be wrong, but if you had the same BIOS and was able to at least POST then I have hope!

    RAM is coming Monday so I will make sure to update if it works for me.
  10. Yea Id like to know also considering I will probably be buying this mobo shortly and putting in a Pentium D 805.

    Iv'e never had to update a motherboards Bios Version, and the Pentium D 805 says it needs revision 0211 I beleive.

    I was wondering will it come with 0211 already on it, and if not how do I go about updating it. If someone could give me a quick step by step that would be helpful escpecially if you need another processor to do so and or a floppy disk drive etc.

    Thanks for any Help. Storm~

    According to Asus' website all the CPUs supported are supported from BIOS revision 0302+. This has to be somehow wrong.

    storm: where did you read that it had to be BIOS 0211?


    First: Sorry for my irrelevant interjections.

    Second: Do you have a friend with some DDR2 RAM you can try out? I know the P5B Deluxe does not like OCZ DDR2 RAM, or at least the kind that I bought. I am not sure how the board likes PQI, but if you can get a hold of a stick of someone elses DDR2 ram and try its worth testing out.

    As for the starting up and then restarting it sounds like something is shorting the motherboard when its in the case, since it doesn't happen when its on the cardboard. Check to make sure all the little screws are aligned or whatnot.

    Hope you get it working: A dead computer is not a computer.
  12. Well not have to be 0211 but 0211 or later.

    My question is when i order mine from newegg will I have to update my bios or will it come with 0211 or later?

    Edit: Im not sure why it doesnt link it to the actual page, but put in P5B in the search on the left, then click on P5B and you'll see the support list.

    Is where I see this.
  13. As far as I know there is no way of absolutly knowing what BIOS you will get except actually calling the Newegg and asking them to verify the BIOS. I am not sure if they can/will do that but I guess its worth a try.

    Look at me, I bought my P5B Deluxe last friday and it came with the 0206 BIOS and the newest is 0405. Kinda disappointing.

    Please keep us informed on if you are able to call up and if they are able to verify the BIOS before shipping.
  14. Let me guess, it turns on for like a second then shuts off? Well, it happened to me too. I ended up fixing it. I might be able to give you an answer if I know what powers uplly you have.
  15. AODBOB, I believe that the RAM is the problem. I've consulted other forums as well as this one and many people have said that the P5B is picky with many types of RAM. Most of them highly suggested using RAM that is on the QVL (Qualified Vendor List) that is produced by ASUS themselves, and is seen in the product manual available on the ASUS website. Also corsair lists a variety of their RAM as compatible with the P5B mobo, using the product compatibility tester on their website. One of the forums that I used is the official ASUS P5B forums, that although not moderated by ASUS employees, has a very knowledgeable and often quick responding user core.

    Also the problem that I encountered upon first boot up was most likely resolved by doing the boot in a cardboard box, and then later I realized that upon first mounting in the case, I used two different length screws. After using uniform lengths, I achieved a snug fit that was not present earlier and the turn on/off problem was no longer present.
  16. Good that you got the on/off problem fixed. Now you're in the same boat as me with having to RMA and ram and buy new stuff.

    I RMA'd my OCZ RAM and purchased Corsair TWIN2X2048-6400C4 2GB Kit DDR2-800 XMS2-6400 (long name...) which will be arriving on Monday. It was on the QVL list so it should (better) work.

    Side note: If you purchased your RAM from Zipzoomfly you can get half off the 15% restocking fee if you buy a similar product (the 1GB corsair ram). Not sure about Newegg or other places.
  17. I got my stuff from newegg, and since there is a 30 day return period, I am just going to wait about a week and a half as I am going away on wednesday for 8 days. By the time I RMA the stuff and get the stuff I want, its going to come while I'm away. It's just as good to wait until I get back and know that I have the ability to be there when the package/materials arrive.

    EDIT: Also, I've seen reports that if you are using a CPU with a FSB of 800Mhz it is pointless to use DDR2 800 because the CPU cannot utilize the full potential of the RAM without O/Cing. As I do not plan on overclocking at the moment, and I for a fact know that my Pentium D 915 has a FSB of 800Mhz, I am going to downgrade my ram to DDR2 667. Is this indeed true? If you are using a 800Mhz FSB, maybe you could save some money by getting DDR2 667, as that's what I plan on doing.
  18. Thats the same ram AODBOB, I have picked out for my build using the P5B board and a Pentium D 805 till I can get a C2D in a year or so. I'm pretty sure that RAM will work with it.

    I dont have a phone available at the moment to call newegg and ask if I would beable to know the Bios Revision before I order it, so if someone would like to give them a call and ask them. I surely would like to know.

    Thanks Storm
  19. To be fair to ASUS, this board's BIOS has been revised quickly over the course of three weeks. This isn't enough time for manufacturing to change.

    Thanks to the EZ Flash Utility in the BIOS, it's super easy to upgrade the BIOS without needing to boot to an OS. I even used my Apple iPod shuffle... can you believe it!?! :lol:

    Although, if this is your only system you will need a friend with Internet access to download the newest BIOS.
  20. ipod shuffle... now thats pretty cool.

    Well if that was your only system then how are you talking or reading stuff on here :lol:

    RAM should be coming within the hour!... yay!

    mcnaugha: I was talking to Asus representatives on the phone the other day and they said that the BIOS updates won't help the support OCZ ram... it just doesn't work which is kinda sad.
  21. UPDATE: Corsair ram arrived and the board POSTed perfectly. (it actually arrived late monday but I've been busy installing drivers, games, apps, etc). Everything is running smoothly. BIOS has been updated, Prime95 has been run and I've even overclocked a bit.
  22. Don't worry. I just received mine and same problem. No display, no boot, no nothing. I tried different psu, RAM, CPU, GFX. nothing. So I sent it back and now I am awaiting new one. (BTW I tried my friend's piece and it is working. So it seems, ASUS is having quality problems ....
  23. Im probably gonna receive my P5B tomorrow with everything else, Corsair Memory so hopefully I dont have any problems with memory wise.

    What has you all's P5B bios ver came with?

    With the P5B, Corsair memory ** ( Link Below to it ) **, and a Pentium D 805 do you think I will have any problems? Bios wise or other wise?

    Thanks Storm
  24. Mine arrived with BIOS 0206 and booted a Celeron D 326 with no problem at all.

    My only small problem was that the Asus flash utility for flashing the BIOS in windows could not automatically find the new BIOS to flash so I had to go to the Asus website to download it. Then with the .ROM file I was able to flash in it windows with no problems at all. BIOS now loads up with BIOS version 0507.

    Now all thats left is waiting for the E6600..... waiting... until then I have the 2.53Ghz celeron D oc'd to 3.2Ghz just so it doesn't feel slow.
  25. Celeron D 326(2.53 GHz, 533 FSB, LGA775)E0,EM64T ALL

    Celeron D 326(2.53 GHz, 533 FSB, revG1, LGA775) ALL

    And how do you have a BIOS Ver of 507 it shows latest bios ver is 0211 on the P5B. And if yours came with 0206 how did it recognize it when as you see above ^^ it says supports Celeron D 326 since 0211.

    Please gimme as much information as possible, I really dont wanna have problems and have to send my mobo to ASUS, I dont have any spare 775 cpu's to update bios.

    Edit: Well now the latest Bios Ver is 0309, but thats still not 507.

    Thanks Storm~
  26. Id also like to know for my master harddrive on my new computer tomorrow, should I have my master harddrive clean with nothing on it no OS etc. Or should I install a new windows install before I get my parts tomorrow?

    Thanks for any information. Storm
  27. First: Do you have the P5B deluxe or the P5B deluxe Wi/Fi Edition? I have the latter, so that could be why you don't see the 0507 BIOS.

    Second: I have doubts with Asus' CPU compatibilty page because according to that there is NO CPU supported before 0302 on the Wi/Fi edition which has to be false because the board originally had a BIOS of 0206 and I cannot believe that Asus would ship out boards that do not support ANY CPU at all. I don't know why the charts are wrong, but I strongly think they are.

    Third: If its a Pentium D 805, one of the first socket 775 Dual cores I doubt you should have any problems since its an "older" processor.


    Well... actually I have never tried to install the OS then move it to the new machine before I activate it so you *might* not need to reactivate it when you change so much hardware but if it was me I would not take the chance. I F'ing hate that Microsoft bot that you have to call to reactivate when windows thinks you changed too much stuff. I had to do that three times in one day for the same computer. I still have nightmares of listening to her voice over and over again.
  28. First: I have the ASUS P5B regular I guess.

    Third: I hope so.

    Other: I also have the Sonata 2 case // same memory as you I beleive coming also tomorrow along with everything else.
    Memory -

    So do you think everything should go well?

    Sonata 2 // Corsair memory // ASUS P5B // Pentium D 805

    Thanks for any comments. Storm~
  29. lol, posted the same link twice, both for the motherboard.

    You have the P5B, no deluxe or wifi, so thats why you didnt have the same BIOS revisions as I did.

    I don't know anything abou the case but all I can say is best of luck! I truely hope it works cause having all the parts just sitting around while you wait for something to be RMA'd or returned really sucks (I had to do it with my OCZ... a week and a half just looking at my pretty mobo..)

    If you do not have the correct BIOS I think you can call Asus and they can do it for you, but that would take time + shipping costs.

    Again, with a CPU that "old" I doubt you should run into any problems.

    Come back tomorrow and tell us how it is!

    btw: we kinda hijacked this thread... sorry rem523

    Same as you? And it fixed your problem atleast right?

    I really hope I dont have any problems I could always go to compusa and get a Celeron there to update Bios, id have to call them first if I need a cpu to update bios cause it shows low stock or whatever..

    And I will be back to tell you how it all goes.

    If you could reply to the ram if its the same one you have, I beleive it is.

    Thanks Storm~
  31. Its not the same ram but its close. You don't need the exact same RAM for it to work, its just that for some reason the pair of OCZ ram just didn't like the motherboard (or vice versa) and lots of people were having problems. I have not heard of anyone having issues with Corsair and the P5B motherboards.

    If you don't have a late enough BIOS still try to boot it and if it doesn't work bring it to a little computer shop or whatnot and pay them $10-$20 or so to flash it. I still say the Pentium D 805 should be fine.

    This is the stuff I bought, I actually purchased it from ZZF for a tad cheaper cause there was a sale.

    Well I am going to bed now so I won't respond to anything for a few hours. Good night and have fun building your machine.
  32. Ok I got my parts and hooked it all up. I got good news and bad news for me anyway..

    1) It detected my CPU and Corsair memory just fine I think the bios Ver is 0170.

    My bad news is when I found CPU Temps in Bios... It was 150-160F!!! Thats with my Antec Tricool Case fan on high stock Intel HSF, but my case lid was off im not sure if that could affect it...

    Is that because its stock cooler or something is wrong?? Should I get a Zalman HSF like this one..

    Please any comments, suggestions or information, would be very appreciated.

    Thanks Storm
  33. AY-E-E Caramba!! 8O

    1) Did you apply some thermal gel/grease/whatever you wanna call it or did the stock cooler come with some kind of thermal pad?

    2) Are you 120% positive that all 4 clips are pushed down completely?

    65C for an Pentium D 805 (thx for that... I REALLY need to stop jumping between support threads) is BAD BAD BAD.

    I pray that its some sensor mistake or something... cause 65C on boot is very bad. I would triple check to make sure that the pins are all pushed in and the heatsink fan is running (did you make sure to plug it in?)
  34. 1) Yes

    2) Yes

    Im not running a e6600, im running Pentium D 805 Dual Core

    Yes to all my fans are running.

    I just bought the Zalman 9500, ill be putting that on, and I also bought some silver Compound.

    Im trying to contact Intel but I need some sorta Channel Id or something
  35. i bought a P5B Deluxe wifi-ap edition recently and it came with bios version 302 or something around there.
  36. I have a P5B Deluxe, and I use it with PentiumD 950, seems fine. (much much more stable then that GB-965P-DS3 I RMA'd)

    The temperature does get very hot, but I dont really have problems with it.

    If the original heat transfer stuff have fallen off, then I would suggest to wipe it all off with a towel, then re-apply with a new heat transfer paste. The paste is not as clean as the original stuff on there, and can get quite messy to deal with. Despite the messiness, the paste should work just as well if not better.
  37. This might sound a bit obvious, but I just installed a E6300 and had the 'no post, all fans' problems, took the fan back off (a pain in the a$$ for the stock fan), reseated the processor, and the sucker booted right up. Of course, I have the old bios, so it'll be a while before I can get it running right, but just try reseating the processor if you haven't already. Personally, I hate the stupid Socket T configuration, I like the processor to have the pins, but can't deny the Conroe goodness.
  38. All this talk is starting to make me feel nervous.

    My new P5B Deluxe/WiFi board should arrive tomorrow - it will be coupled with a Conroe E6700 (2.67Ghz) plus two lots of Corsair 2GB DDR2 XMS2-6400C5 TwinX (4Gb in total). I have already downloaded the 0507 BIOS and put it onto a USB flash card so I can update the BIOS. Graphics card is an EVGA GeForce 7600 GT 256MB GDDR3 HDTV-Out/Dual DVI (PCI-Express).

    PSU is a 620W Enermax Liberty

    Anthing I need to be prewarned about???

  39. I got it running, and it has been working great... I knew enough to buy the MoBo with the Chipset so that you can insure that the new MoBo will support the Duo Core 2.

    I had a single instance where the Mobo reported the CPU at 200c. Hasnt repeated itself.

    I am having a problem getting my Plextor PX-716A Drive installed on it. Unfortunately it seems the ATA isnt a native ATA device, its a SCSI device that creates the single channel ATA. This is done by the JMicron JMB36X Controller. Well this creates problems with the plextor, and I am awaiting to hear from the multiple sites that may be responsible (Plextor/JMicron). I know it is a failure on the Firmware level because I cant get the Plextor to boot-off, when my NEC Burner runs great and will boot a disk. (BTW I had the same issue with the Promise Add-on IDE controller)

    I was having problems were if I stressed my Video Card I would start hearing a steady beeping sound from the card speaker. I have a feeling this is a voltage warning sound, because the 12v drops to 11.99! I got to research and solve this issue, probably by turning off these voltage warnings.

    Currently there is very little support from MotherBoard Monitor, though if you pick an older Asus MoBo you will get allot of the values. The Asus Monitor is cool, but not quite as powerfull.

    The current version of the BIOS 3.08 (I think) seems to have disabled the Extreme Editions Ability to change multipliers. I cant seem to get it to change in the BIOS, and the last time I tried via the Software It requested a restart then it seemed to shut off software BIOS Support.

    I have to say that I am very discuraged by the Asus Board. Every OC change requires a restart, and the damn issues are driving me nuts.

    BTW, I have been running the machine at near 100% using my water cooling and with the exception of that one instance I havent breached 110F! ALSO READ THE ARTIC SILVER INSTRUCTIONS! A THIN COAT OF SILVER IS ALL YOU NEED... USE A RAZOR BLADE TO SPREAD IT OUT... TOO MUCH CAN LEAD TO A NEGATIVE IMPACT!
  40. Hi guys -

    Hope you may be able to help me as I am tearing my hair out here.......

    I have -

    Asus P5b Deluxe Wi Fi ap
    2 x 1gb DDR2 Corsair 6400
    Conroe E6400
    ATi X1900xtx GFX Card
    2 x 250GB sata Barracudas
    Zalman CPU Cooler
    Creative PCI Sound card EAX (as this boards sound is shocking apparently)
    Antec Sonata 2 Case

    Last weekend I built the machine - no issues apart from trying to load the right RAID drivers. Got XP to work and started AOK then waited till the morning to install SP2.

    So woke up the next day and booted up - started the boot screen for XP and then the PC rebooted, black screen and every time I boot up all the fans go on, no screen, and I get 1 long beep followed by 3 short ones.

    RMA'd the board, they said it POST'd perfectly. Changed the GEIL RAM I orig had to Corsair (above) and literally just turned it on and the SAME ^^%$ AGAIN WITH THE BEEPING!

    Please can anyone help - I'm at my wits end here. :( :cry:

    FYI I managed to get the BIOS to 0507 when I was 1st building the mavhine and no issues all stable.

    Can anyone help! ??? :x :x :x :x :x :x :?:

  41. What does the manual say about 3 long beeps followed by one short one? BTW, Personal Experiance: Asus Tech Support and Website support BLOWS! It is the worst experiance ever... After spending 15 Minutes typing in all my machine details you may get a chance to ask a question, then when its all done, expect a few days/weeks for a response.

  42. I'm having less luck than many of you... my P5B won't POST or even beep no matter what I seem to do. Please help.

    -Antec Sonata II case with included SmartPower450 PS
    -ASUS P5B (the "vanilla" version, not deluxe) - BIOS is whatever it is out of the box (0170 I think from a sticker on te side of the board)
    -Corsair XMS2 5400 DDR2 RAM (2x1GB)
    -Gigabyte 7600GS graphics card
    -Seagate SATA drives

    I've tried a bunch of different things but in *every* situation the same thing happens:
    - The CPU fan, chassis fan, and drives will all spin up.
    - There are no beeps whatsoever
    - The screen stays blank (it thinks the computer is in power saving mode)

    The first power up after each time I pull out the power plug completelyt the fans to spin for about 2 seconds, then everything goes off for a second or so, then it all starts up again and stays on. Any power ups not following this to not have this "false start" effect.

    I have tried, each with a CMOS reset in between:

    - Reseating the RAM
    - Using only one RAM stick, then the other
    - Removing the RAM altogether (no beeps here, BTW)
    - Reseating the CPU
    - Reseating the graphics card
    - Rechecking the connections

    I checked the power supply rails and they are comfortable at 12.23V and 5.03V when I'm trying to POST. I also noticed that if I leave the machine on for a minute or so, the CPU fan seems to gradually speed up so I guess the temp sensors are working.

    What should I try next? Unfortunately, I have no other DDR2 ram nor any other processor that fits in this socket so I'd really prefer to minimize what I need to buy just to test it out. Is there anywhere that doesn't charge restocking fees that I can return things to if they don't solve the problem?
  43. This reminds me of what happened recently when setting up a new system. My system wouldn't boot. The fans would start briefly and stop. After deciding that the motherboard might be defective I started dismantling the heatsink fan from the processor and noticed that there was little friction between the two. I scraped both surfaces and reapplied heatsink silicon and reconnected the fan to the processor and plugged in the power cord and the system powered up. I had also previousely concluded that the power supply was defective. The processor and heatsink were new but the adhesive on the fan was probably dried out.
  44. Here's an update: as a test, I disconnected everything from the motherboard except the CPU, power, and the case speaker (i.e., no RAM, no grpahic card, no drives, ...). No beeps at all. I tried connecting the speaker in both polarities just to be sure but nothing. The fans do start and do stay on, in fact if I leave the system on for 30 seconds or more you can gradually here the CPU fan picking up speed implying the temperature sensor loop is working. Just no beeps even with the RAM out. Does this mean my motherboard is fried?
  45. For the last few posts, did you buy your MoBo with the CPU? The older p5b's have problems with core 2 duo without the bios upgrade...

    I also have the power up for 2 seconds, then powerdown... then power up...

    As for my problems, they have slowly gotten so bad that I cant run it. It starts windows without fault, but almost any CPU intentisve program shuts down... Asus just sent me an RMA, and I am going to send it to them.

    I had 3 long beeps, and I looked it up in the manual... told me the problem, and then I fixed it... Forgot what it ment though
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