What socket 775 HSF does not require a back plate?


I got this from this thread Gigabyte GA-965P-DQ6 compatible HSF? What socket 775 HSF does not require a back plate?

Our one gripe is the Crazy Cool plate on the back side of the board underneath the CPU socket. While we noticed this option worked as well if not better than the ASUS Stack Cool 2 system, the plate is just thick enough to rule out the usage of several aftermarket cooling systems that require the use of a back plate. Granted, some quick and minor modifications to the attachment screw lengths worked in several cases, but for a high end board Gigabyte should expect the user to upgrade the retail CPU cooling system.

from http://www.anandtech.com/mb/showdoc.aspx?i=2797&p=8
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  1. Does that mean the Miné Quiet Heatpipe CPU Cooler will fit I thihk it uses the same type of fasteners?
  2. This is a little confusing to understand.

    The "Crazy Cool" thingy happens to refer to this:


    From what I'm understanding, you may have problems with mounting brackets on top of the board.

    Now for what is underneath the board:


    That is a wider backed out picture. Notice in that picture, the longer PCI-E solder points and the shorter PCI-E solder points. That back plate should be under the north bridge, not the CPU?

    A back plate would fit, but the above "Crazy Cool" is prolly the big problem from what I'm seeing.
  3. VR-Zone

    Ahhh... I'm getting old. I see the 4 holes now for the backplate having problems.

    We also found out what "Crazy Cool" was. It is basically a heatspreader on the back of the PCB that helps dissipate heat from the LGA socket and the Northbridge.

    Man... that is crazy. :lol:

    Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro

    I guess this cooler shouldn't have a back plate?
  4. This one:


    Nice and quiet too if you use the 4 pin PWM connector. Even with a Pentium D.

    or this one:


    It doesn't have PWM and it's noisier than the Cooler Master but cools better. It's also bigger and taller.

    The LGA 775 cooling system is a bitch, especially with big bulky HSFs. The mere thought of removing one sends chills up my spine. In fact I ruined the clips on the Samurai while attempting to remove it, but Scythe tech support replaced them for free. :)
  5. So the Scythe Miné Quiet Heatpipe CPU Cooler will fit the Gigabyte GA-965P-DQ6? Has anyone tried this cooler?

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