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Hey yall, my lil sister brought me her computer today to fix and I'm not sure what it is that's wrong with it. Every program I've tried to open (word, chrome, etc.) has closed immediately upon opening and task manager simply will not show. She needs it for school so I need to get it up and running for her fast, preferably without re-installing the OS.
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  1. could possibly be an infection
    Have you tried to start the computer in safe mode? safe mode with networking?
    you are advised to look on the manufacturers website, to see if you can download the full manual for the computer.
    The manual contains the instructions for starting safe mode, possible recovery / system restore mode options. These instructions are different, NOT the same for all computers. You may need to look in the manual for your model.
    Have you tried to update, scan computer, with your
    existing antivirus?

    do you have the microsoft windows 7 basic installation disk?
    put the disk in the drive and start the computer
    if the disk will run, select: "upgrade"
    this repairs the operating system in many cases.
    this does not erase your personal files, but sets the
    operating system back to a default state. hopefully
    it runs again like normal.
    I cannot say that it will work %100 of the time, but
    if the computer is infected it might not work...
    OR have a computer shop do any of the above for you.

    Making a backup of all your personal files and pictures
    (etc) is very important. After the computer is able to start
    up again, make backups in case of future problems.
  2. Thanks for the help guys. I ended up finishing much faster than I thought I would. In attempting to restart my sister's computer in safe mode the computer so graciously offered its startup repair service leaving me with nothing to do but to wait. I then downloaded a few of the above suggested programs for her and she's happily doing her schoolwork again... well, you know what i mean.
  3. Using free security programs will leave the computer unprotected. Strongly recommend using a professional all in one security system (this is not free).
    Norton, Panda, a much better choice than a free security system.
  4. I have this Same Problem.
    Out of the Blues, my OS Crashed, Lost all my DATA, reinstalled OS
    Still Happens. Have to reboot 20 Times, the only fix Ive found is shutting down, and when It says Waiting for Programs, I hit Cancel
    and it seems to Work.
    I have Norton, Advanced System Care Pro, and I just took it to Staples "Which was a mistake seeing they fucked up my Sound and other things."
    None of them came up with any Red Flags
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