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I know, this is another first build question but I want to know before I buy my parts.

I am about to build a pc for gaming with the following specs:

Amd x2 4400
2gb corsair ram
SATA 300 gb hd
Gigabyte pro sli motherboard

I was planning on getting a 7600 gt but I saw an x1800gto pci x16 for about $20 more. Is it worth it? or is there another awsome card for $245 or less?

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  1. 7900GT and X1800XT are can be had for about $240US.
  2. Alright. I did look at the x1800xt and it looks fine. As far as the 7900gt goes, I could only find ones that were $240 and under that were mainly refurbished or open box on newegg. How do those items usually end up? Are they worth it since newegg has a guarantee it will work??
  3. Quote:
    Gigabyte pro sli motherboard

    CrossFire is ATI

    If you are getting an SLI capable mobo, go for the NVIDIA card, 7600GS. If you ever feel like upgrading to dual GPU for SLI you can. If you go with ATI, you cant even go crossfire without a capable mobo.

    go for the 7600GS even if its a few bucks more
  4. 7600GS<7600GT

    Midranged SLI would be pointless at this point in time....especially throwing in a 2nd 7600 a few months from now. Might was well just get that X1800XT then turn around and sell it in 4-5 months.
  5. sorry, i meant the 7600GT, just didnt read right. Either way, what im saying is stick with nvidia if you ever want the chance of using SLI, im running dual 6800XT that cost me $100 each and they work like a charm. go for the nvidia card just in case you ever want to up to SLI.
  6. I know that my motherboard supports Sli and I will now probably end up getting a 7900 card and maybe popping one in later when Sli has been tweaked for greater performance.

    I have online and here too that some people are able to run crossfire on Sli boards. I am guessing though that it isn't easy since everything would then have to be modified.

    And as far as getting Sli now, it's not going to help me much since I don't do heavy gaming and can stand some of the effects turned down in order to play it at a higher framerate. Plus this is my first system.

    Later on I may swap out the motherboard in order to get a new cpu and get crossfire if I want it.

    I have also read that there are pros and cons to both Sli and Crossfire and that they really don't help much unless you are using your pc at high resolutions.
  7. I'd definitely pick Conroe for gaming, that 4400+ dual core AMD will have similar gaming benchmarks in most games to an old 3700+ San Diego single core.

    If you're building a gaming system right now, you'd be mad to pick AMD. The Conroe benchmarks say it all.
  8. I know about conroe, but I this is my first system and it doesn't have to be made out of the absolute fastest parts. Besides, the 4400 will perform fine for me. I do game but i do not need high end graphics that will pump out high resolutions at high framerates.

    Thanks for the thought though.
  9. For $280 you can get the MSI x1900xt from NewEgg.
  10. It is a possibility, but I am leaning towards the 7900 because of my experience so far with the two card makers. I like nvidia's setup better than an Ati.

    I got more features with the nvidia card than with my newer better Ati card. Mind you, the Ati card is freaking awosme, but it didn't come with anything other than an overclocking cd and the driver cd. No extra features. And Catalyst control center doesn't work well on my pc. My old nvidia card had all sorts of features like being able to see how much memory I had left and an easier color changing interface.

    I am NOT however going to buy just one brand name over time.

    I do like the x1900xt, but I can only find it on newegg for at least $310. A 7900 will serve me well...

    Thanks for everyone's suggestions!
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