PSOD? one step away from going postal!

AMD 64 Athlon 4000+
8AN Sli Premium Motherboard
2 gig memory
2 x Gainward 512mb special edition 7900 GTX PCX SLI
psu is X-power 700 watt SLi compatable
2 x 200 GB Maxtor HDD

Everything is fine, comp shuts down but thats due to power problem. the problem is the fkn videos i play. WMV or AVI. They appear purple.

Im using driver 91.31 please can anyone tell me if there is an issue with this driver as i cant find any info even on nvidia site.

I actually managed to fix it a while ago by pure luck (constant reinstalles of the driver) but even that doesnt work now.

please help!
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  1. ive had this problem before when using vnc, solvd it by simply using a different player, probably can be solved by using a different version of the codec needed.

    also i can recreate the problem by setting the video to high quality, simply selecting the option to use overlays instead fixes it.
  2. hi

    It happens in the windows media player and winamp also. When you say you fixed it can you tell me how step by step plz?

    Also noticed that while i have this problem, i cant get gpu Load balancing to show up.

    ive installed the drivers over and over, cleaning them out before i install. sometimes its been fine the video plays properly, and when i switch to 2 cards its random if its ok or not, then if i change some details for certain games, it totaly screws up.

    Edit - i ment gpu load balancing, not rendering.

    Anyway, It feels like the driver is not loaded right or something. I mean what is the correct procedure when instaling drivers onto an SLI rig? Before i fixed the problem by loading one, then enabling the second card and installing again. It seemed to work but like i said it all seems pretty fkn random. Could it be a mobo fault maybey?
  3. in windows media player goto tools-options-performance-advanced, and make sure overlays is selected and not high quality, this solved the problem for me.

    it might be something different in your case what type of movies are you playing? avi/mpeg/vob?....just reread ure first post :oops:

    you could try downloading "purevideo"(i believe its called) from nvidia and see if that helps i think it may be included with the newest drivers automatically though.
  4. I tried that and it still shows up purple, thanks anyway.

    Basically i got 2 problems.

    1) movies show up purple :evil:

    2) i cant get gpu load balancing to show up.

    I recently tried the 91.33 drivers and its still the same story. bah! Im getting ready to try and return one of the cards or failing that sell it on e-bay. SLI my arse!
  5. Ok i've been playing around installing the drivers in different orders, ie 1 card then both, or one then switch to 2 cards and install...and i have no errors when enabling sli and no pink screen!! :D

    however i still cant get gpu load balancing to appear when selected. I notice there are some different options on the 91.33 drivers.

    The only way i could enable gpu load balancing was on the old style interface of the nvidia cont panel. Can someone plz tell me where it is on the new style panel?

    EDIT - just enabled gpu load balancing on the old style panel, still curious where it is on the new style tho (international version)

    Gpu load balancing shows up on counterstrike source, but not in eve :? strange.

    i have no idea if sli is working, im gonna try 3dmark05 in single gpu and sli mode see if it makes a difference, altho im sure in sli mode its gonna shut my computer down. The current psu cant put out the amps continuously.
  6. Ok my 3dmark05 scores

    single card - 10134

    Sli - 11788

    Does that seem right?

    again i got the gpu load balancing in this too, it just seems that eve is borked :? I might try and install the 91.31 drivers again tomorrow, see if it helps. I'm wondering if the bridge is being detected AARRGGHH!!!!
  7. I would like to make sure that you haven't set a video monitor preference for video. I know you have already solved your problem, but I think that it might have been that. I know the video drivers for Nvidia have the ability to display fullscreen video on a secondary display, generally the SVideo output. If it happens again, that may be one of the first things you wanna check.
  8. Thank for reply,

    Can you tell me where I can check that? I'm new to Nvidia cards and drivers, I've been using ATI all my life.

    Also I haven't completely solved my problem, as the gpu load balancing doesnt show up on EVE which (when it was working) had a green horizontal line across the screen. This doesnt show now, it was the same when it said it couldnt detect a bridge connecting the cards but maybey now Im just not getting the error message. I have 2 bridges and they both work fine, i think maybey all this could be due to a power issue, where not enough power is getting to the second card?
  9. Are you using windows media player version 9?
    I has some weird video problems with that until i updated it to version 10
  10. I think I have 10 yeah, but the prolem also appears on Winamp too, which leads me to beleive its a driver bug. I'm gonna go back to 91.31 tonight and see if i can get gpu load balancing to work. All i know is that whenever that appears the purple screen problem goes away. Weird I know.

    Might also change to the american version of 91.31 because I think you can enable gpu load balancing in the new nvidia control panel. Cant seem to see it on the international version.

    What can I say it all seems pretty random. Keep loading up the drivers until it works.
  11. Randomness for the win!

    Ok it's 99% fixed.

    took drivers off, switched to single card mode. put drivers on. switched back to duel cards, installed drivers again carefull to now rewrite over the others, restarted and there we go. Still couldnt get gpu load balancing up on eve untill in the EVE profile I set rendering to global (auto select) :? god knows why these things have to be so difficault.

    only niggling thing left is that the mouse dissapears when in the bottom half of the screen sometimes.
  12. Definitely sounds like a driver issue. Maybe because it is a Gainward product, they require special drivers. I know that some companies do that sometimes and was wondering if you were getting the drivers from the nvidia site or the Gainward site.

    Just downloaded the 90 series driver myself (was using the 80 series). I'm gonna have to play with this one as it is a whole different beast. I'll try to duplicate your problem then try to rectify it.
  13. Thanks, yeah I got my drivers from Nvidia site. Gainward don't have any special drivers.

    It's hapening even more now, mouse just dissapears and reappears when it wants to. Sometimes it leaves a clone, but its always there, when i move over menus they will still light up. ggrrr!
  14. I seem to remember having the same problem with my system some time ago when I first got into the 80 series of drivers. Don't know what I did to rectify it. That has been several system revisions ago... :wink:

    You wouldn't happen to be running dual monitors would you?
  15. Nope, it was strangly selectd though in the profiles, global and single. So i changed it to single monitor.
  16. Well, that is interesting... I'm gonna be away from my nvidia based computer for a day or two during my move to college, but I'll start fiddling with it when I get there and tell you what I can find. In the meantime I suggest you browse NVidia's forums. Sometimes they can be quite helpful, as they were for my Linux escapades with dual monitor.

    Another thought:
    Video and mouse drivers are usually very integrated with each other. You may want to try reinstalling your mouse driver. Make sure it is current. I know Microsoft mice have a new driver revision between 4 mos ago and now.
  17. Thanks man, be great if you would do that for me. Yep, i'll take your advice and reinstall my mouse drivers. Im using an MX510 ligitek.
  18. I havent done anything and now the movies have gone pink again WTF!
  19. strange question but does it happen after youve changed the volume or is it just like that when it loads up, try uninstalling and reinstalling the codecs, i use a codec package called k-lite codecs, it includes all codecs, make sure you go through thte whole list and only install the ones that you need, otherwise there will be conflicts.
  20. I must apologise. I can't figure out what I did to make the pink go away. And with this new driver interface, I can't make heads or tails of anything. I do remember that I went through a thousand things (or at least it felt like it) to get it gone. Maybe someone else has figured out the secret?
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