DFI LP UTCFX3200 BIOS ROM Checksum Error

Well as the subject suggests, that is the error I get as soon as I boot up my computer.

I turned it off to switch out my DVD drives from one computer to another (long ass explination but just got with it). So I turned off my computer, unplugged the DVD drives, switched it, plugged the new one in and hit the power button.

Oh wait it didn't feel like booting. All it did was prompt me with a BIOS ROm Checksum error and said detecting Floppy A disk... and nothing.

So I pulled out the old dusty floppy drive and plugged it into my 2nd computer and created an updater disk for the BIOS and proceeded to try updating the BIOS since that is what it appeared to want to do. Nothing. Not a damn thing happend, and yes I got the right bios version.

the rig is my sig rig, im on a backup P4C atm.

let me know your thoughts. No hardware or bios changes have occured in at least 1 or 2 months.
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  1. Bump
  2. Quote:
    Get a replacement from DFI, that usually means a busted BIOS chip.
    No idea how it happens.

    BTW, I've got some tasty SLI-enabled driver for you that works. :)
    Hope you didn't sell your 2nd 7900GTX.

    Pm me about that SLI business

    I guess I just get to call DFI on monday, damn it. Hope they dont have severe accents because I can't understand crap lol.
  3. Good deal, because it really doesn't want to accept my flash disk.

    Even if I have to send in my board its ok, I am on a P4C 3.0GHz with a 6800GT to tide me over.

    I have the shittiest luck with DFI boards.
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