YOWSER!! I AM TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL!! for the folks who want to learn about RAID MIRROR and see the garbage I went through, here's the link:

First off, I wanna thank Somejoe and Mikehess for their comments and suggestions. I offered to write checks, but they declined..

And here's the recap: I have a WINXP SP2 machine that's 2½ years old that has 2 MAXTOR 80 GIGS in a mirror config.. This is what is called a "fault tolerant system" If one hard drive goes out, the other one keeps your machine running.. You haven't the slightest idea one hard drive is bad unless you pay attention to the boot up sequence and see an error message saying your "RAID IS NOT COMPLETE" Well, one day 2 months ago, I guess one drive did go out because the Silicon Image BIOS dump message on the screen said my RAID SYSTEM IS NOT COMPLETE.. Well, the computer is running good, but I am concerned.. So after I finished my last school session, i bought another MAXTOR 80 GIG ..Opened the case, pulled the cable on one drive and booted up and then did the other and figured out which drive is bad.. Pulled the bad one out.. (also had to buy a sata power plug because the new MAXTOR HD did'nt have the legacy (big ass 4 prong plug) type plug. Booted up computer and went into RAID setup and RAID said new HD is SMALLER THAN ORIGINAL DRIVE!! Can you believe that cra*? I wasted $70 on that HD!! So i just bought a western digital 150 gig sataII.. I had to add a jumper in the back to "downward compatible" it to my SATA 1 syste.. (It's on WD'S website with great info on jumpers and junk like that) INSTALLED GREAT! AND REBUILT THE RAID!!! YEAH, I'M HAPPY!!!

Now, for the million dollar question: Now I have this extra 80 gig MAXTOR sata HD.. How can i install/add it in the system?/ Is there some kind of special SATA cable like IDE Cables that have two connectors on one ribbon? Is there a master slave type connection for SATA's? Is there warp drive and photon torpedoes available?

heh heh heh

Thanks again all!!
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  1. You'll need to get a controller card unfortunately. No raid cards sell for under 60 bucks or so.
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