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I am building a battery powered PC and need a high end 3d graphics card that is low in power consumption. Something power managed like the mobile chips have would be ideal. Any suggestions?


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  1. In answer to your other post, no you can't change onboard graphics chips.

    Regarding this post, what slots do you have available to you? PCI-E / PCI / AGP?

    You could probably use a Geforce Go setup, but I'm not sure what interfaces they use, or even if they are on-board.

    What do you mean by high-end graphics? what do you want to do and at what resolution. You might be better getting a laptop, stripping it, and inserting it into a case.

    From what I understand most cards use little power whilst doing 2-d, its only when you try to use the high-end capabilities that they draw power, hence the power saving features are a little redundant if you are planning on high end 3-d intensive applications. I'd imagine that most of the 'go' feature set is based around lower levels of heat dissipation being required.
  2. Hi

    Thanks for this. I was afraid that it couldn't be done.

    Basically I am capturing, playing and editing high definition video, upto 1920x1080.

    The laptop board idea wouldn't work for me as I need atleast 2 full size PCIe slots. Unless, I could get a backplane for the board that would give me 2 pcie slots.

    Any idea if you can buy Laptop motherboards or are they just sold to the laptop manufacturers? Particularly with ATI mobility FireGL graphics.

    Only other thing will be to find fanless top end cards if poss.

    As the pc will be battery operated every watt counts!


  3. Hi

    A laptop won't work because I need to use a full size PCIe card for capturing high definition video.


  4. Hi

    Thanks! It is mission impossible, but actually not much is impossible, just very difficult!

    I have looked at the minin ITX, and will be using a micro ATX board that has an Intel GMA 950 graphics built in. But I don't think this will do it. I will have to add a graphics card.

    It's a real pity that you can't jsut wip out these mobile chips and swap them for another!

    I can't even find laptop motherboards with the ATI fire GL mobile Graphics chip, so that I could try and fit a backplane to it for PCIe slots.

    The answer is out there...

  5. I think you could buy just the mainboard from a laptop in 2 different ways........

    1) call a brand laptop repair center, tell your laptop is out of warrenty and want to order just the board for it (you could do your homework before calling by looking for the laptop model that has the specs you are looking for or the one you would like to give a try)

    2) There are these B brand distributors who dont mind selling the mobo alone at all, for example DUAL Group.
  6. Hi

    I wouldn't like to do option 1. But option 2 is interesting! Can you give me a link at all, I couldn't find them on google?


  7. I will get back to you on that link......trying to find it myself again..........its a very old (8 years back) job relation and i have to go for now.

    I know they where a Taiwanese company and have distribution points globally.........they have a taiwanese site....in english....i am sure.......i try and find it for ya.

    Or maybe contact my Manager from back than....
  8. .....ehm....they seem to have evaporated.......

    But clearly they where not the only one.....just find any no name brand.

    they often sell seperat parts aswell......

    Specially the no names that are sold by computer shops as their home brand.

    And the 1st option is viable, you dont even have to state you got the particular notebook.

    Just....need mainboard for this model......th eperson on the other end will likely ask if your product has warrenty.......

    Just state you have no warrenty rights on these articles......and you would not be telling anything that aint true.

    If calling them is the part you worried about......mail them.
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