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I basically want to use a headset for online gaming, my issue is this. Currently i just have the mic of the headset hooked up because if i plug in the audio then no audio comes through my pc speakers. The goal here is to get just voice chat to come over the head phone speaker and everything else to come out of my regular speakers. How do i set this up? Do i need a usb headset? Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.
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  1. No one knows how to do this????
  2. Purchase a desktop mic or continue to use the mic only from the headset. Seriuosly, how can you listen to speakers and headphones at the same time. Headphones jacks are designed to cut out the speakers.
  3. what about with a usb headset though??? there is no way to get it set up like xbox live so you can just have voice chat coming through the headset???
  4. there's no way to mute the computer speakers?

    i have a seperate mic that plugs into the mic spot on my soundcard or mobo.

    but i think i understand what you want. you want all voice communication over your headset while other sounds out of speakers.

    im not sure you can set this up. it wouldnt be hardware, it would be software. i havent heard any games allowing this but i havent realy looked.

    it might not be possible.

    it wouldnt depend on your headset though, usb wouldnt have any impact on the situation. you need the program(game) to send seperate sound to the headphone jack and speaker jacks and then your mobo's sound or soundcard would have to output them both. seems tricky
  5. yeah thats exactly what im looking for. i just can't believe that there isn't a set up like that out there. someone should really look into creating some software for teamspeak or ventrillo or something that would make that possible. Could be a bunch of money to be made.
  6. AFAIK this doesn't exist on the PC.
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