what temps will hurt my cpu in the slightly longer run

stock cooling asus a8n5x 1800xt 1 gig ocz ram opty 165

right now im at 9*268 with temps at 42c idle and like 55 load with stock voltage my cpu is at 2400mhz my ram is runing at 219mhz 2.5 3 3 7 timmings

what kind of tempatures are going to hurt my cpu i have stock cooling but have orded a artic cooling freezer 64 pro and artic silver 5 (good price) so what temps should i be around
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  1. Man, ditch that mobo. You need a high end DFI or ASUS to get a reliable O/C. Until then you're grasping at straws and it just ain't worth it.

    For reference I can get as high as 320mhz w/divider on this DFI SLI-DR. 300mhz is a happy medium without extreme cooling mods.
  2. i know i could probly get one relativly cheep but thats seems like alot of work replacing it

    and on that note what would be a good one for around 100 bucks>?
  3. Any of the DFI Lanparty or Infinity's would do you just fine.
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