Win7 Home disc not supplied with new laptop

My niece got a Toshiba laptop on Christmas, and now it is messed up from a virus.
It's a Toshiba C655D-1087 that came loaded with Win7 Home 64 bit. No CDs came with it. Toshibas' website does have all of the drivers available on-line.
I cannot find anywhere to download Win7 so that I can do a HDD wipe and reformat/ re-install. The Win7 product key code is affixed to the bottom of the unit, Just need a valid way to obtain the OS for a clean install.
I personally have Win7 Pro 64 bit, but I don't believe that I can use that with a 7 Home key.
Any help or direction is appreciated.
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  1. Does that model have a recovery partition? To find out, I think you would turn off the computer (be sure to have it hooked up to the AC power adapter, not running on battery). Hold down the ) (zero) key and turn the computer on. If there's a recovery partition, it will bring up the instructions to recover to factory default settings.
  2. Sorry...that's the 0 (as in the number zero) key.
  3. Thanks cmichael138, but the recovery partition is empty. Looks like a total re-do. I'll get in touch with Toshiba to get Win7 install.
  4. Toshiba will provide a disc $29.99 shipped!
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  6. A couple of old sayings SH*t happens. When all else fails RTFM.
    I'm really only posting this for others, who will read and profit from. Above posters gave good advice.

    None of these makes you feel any better, but you can take comfort that you are not the FIRST nor will you be the last. Tostibia, as many others, do not ship the Windows install disk, but in the manual ask you to create your own. There is a utility on the HDD to do that. Ofcourse that does not work after you kill the HDD.
  7. Toshiba is number 1 at NOT giving backup media with a computer!Chief is right!
  8. Thanks guys. I'll also set-up the backup partition, as should have been done (rtfm) months ago. I received the original box and its' contents. Right on top was a READ THIS FIRST pamphlet with instructions to make backup discs and set up recovery. Bright red lettering, so I can see how it was overlooked.
    One plus, when things like this happen, the young ones pay me a visit.
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