New E6600 build questions: RAM and PCI

I've managed to put together on a workbench a quick build for the E6600, put together with some older parts I have hanging around. Everything went very smoothly. However, after I installed Windows and all the drivers (network, wifi , chipset, etc.) that came with the Asus P5W DH mobo, in Device Manager, I see an unknown "PCI Device" with a message that says drivers have not been installed. The only PCI slot that has been used is the one filled by my (old) Radeon X1600 Pro and I've installed the latest drivers for that. Anyone has any ideas?

Also, I've installed a 2x1GB sticks of Mushkin RAM PC6400 DDR2 800. However, I get a speed of only 333MHz and when posting, the system sees the RAM as PC5300. In cpu-z, I get a FSB:RAM ratio of 5:4 (or might be the other way around, 4:5, can't recall exactly). Is this right? I thought the RAM should be running at 400MHz since it is PC6400.

Many thanks for any input.
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  1. Managed to figure out the PCI Device problem, turns out it is the Realtek audio device. I installed the Realtek drivers and it is fine now. Only thing is the RAM. It posts as PC2-5300 at DDR2 667 even though I am using PC6400 Mushkin RAM which runs at 800. Grateful for any ideas.
  2. bump it up in the bios...
  3. Quote:
    bump it up in the bios...

    Umm ... judging from the actual questions ... I have a funny feeling that the TC's never been in the bios before.

    In this case .. I would advise you to find a tute on bios specifics first and read them before taking in cyborg_ninja-117's advice.

    If I made the wrong assumptions , then I apologize.

    Still , better be safe than sorry.
  4. I've been in the BIOS. This is actually my second build, having built an AM2 system a couple of months ago. The BIOS is a little different from the AM2 one and I am still getting familiar. I've changed the timings to 4-4-4-12 which the CL4 Mushkin can run - have not been able to find the option to change the speed itself but I would have thought that the mobo should automatically detect the PC6400. Has anyone had the same experience of having to go into BIOs to bump up the speed when the RAM is DDR2 800?

    Edit: OK, I managed to bump it up in BIOs. I still wonder why the mobo doesn't automatically recognise DDR2 800.
  5. Quote:

    Edit: OK, I managed to bump it up in BIOs. I still wonder why the mobo doesn't automatically recognise DDR2 800.

    This may suggest a bios bug , meaning you need to update it.
  6. My BIOs is the latest 1101 version from the Asus website. Been looking around. When I enable SPD for DRAM, it automatically runs the RAM at 333MHz and conservating timing.

    Although the Mushkin C4 supposedly can run at 4-4-3-10 at 1.9-2.1V, my system is unstable at this setting. The only stable timing seems to be 4-4-4-12 at the moment.
  7. It looks strange to me because Mushkin RAM overclock very well, therefore stock speed shouldn't be a problem. Look at this reviews :

    You must find the option to manually change the speed.
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