New hardware wizard pop up

I just built a new pc and on load up the new hardware wizard pops up lookinh for drivers for a pci device. The only thing I installed is a linksys wireless card and I loaded those drivers, also under the device manager I see this

This is the mother board I used if that info is needed

I also went with windows xp pro
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  1. Does the wireless card show up under network adapters. Snap a pic like you did but also expand network adapters. Does the card work?
  2. yea, the card works just fine. I also installed a pci express vid card but it works too
  3. You made sure to load all the motherboard drivers right? Sometimes the supposedly standard pieces of hardware utilize a special driver that lets them work properly. Just a suggestion...
  4. ill double check the mobo drivers
  5. Yep, do that.
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