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hi..just replaced my motherboard with ASRock also got 805D with it and a new power supply i used my old ram ddr 512 pc 3200 and 6600gt AGP video card...i assembled the whole system and it would boot i get nothing....monitor doesnt load no beeps...i know i pluged in the main cable and the smaller one in the motherboard...and pretty sure its not the PSU cause i tried my older one that runs perfectly...i changed the ram stick to another one...tried removing one rearanging...and i cleared the CMOS jumper...any suggestions? it wouldnt boot on the first this motherboard broken?
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  1. Check the cmos jumper, and be sure it's in the "normal" or "run" position. If you're sure you've got everything right, then I would start over, and place the board on a non conductive surface, such as a phone book. With just the video, one memory stick, and cpu/heatsink, try a minimal boot with all other devices disconnected. Be sure you've got the power switch lead connected, along with the atx and 12v 4 pin leads. And for beep codes, connect the case speaker.
  2. Only a bit of odd advice here, one suggestion i would have is try checking the voltages on each of the power connector going into the mb, also, just try pushing the power cables int othe connector more, it may be that one is loose, i have had that problem twice, secondly i also agree to plug on the speaker and see what she speaks. I hope i helped.
  3. Hello - Assuming that the motherboard is working I have found that detuning the bios typically helps. Many times the all of the auto settings don't work. For example the memory settings, set the Mhz down. Don't run it at 400 Mhz. Check the CPU timing and make sure that you utilize the stock settings ONLY. Certain multipliers can be turned down a notch or two safely. You will have to adjust the settings, and it takes sometimes hours to complete a setting that works. Also, pay attention to the timing of when things happen. Sometimes getting further into the boot up cycle is an indication of something you are doing is more correct or less is a mistake. I know this may sound simple, but it honestly took me sometime to figure out. Good Luck - Ralph
  4. thanks a MILLION...i did what you said rebuild the system outside my case...apparantly some screw under my mobo scratched a bit of my mobo and was fucking it up...everything is running now...soo happy!
  5. Boy I'm telling ya! Those traces & such on the newer MoBo's are something else! Need an electron microscope to see them! One wrong move with a screwdriver & the MoBo is toast! Be VERY carefull installing those boards!

    Glad all is well!

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