How to format hp netbook..

i'm having problem with my hp netbook where the machine cant start the windows..i'm using windows 7, what suppose i do?
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  1. do you have the microsoft windows 7 basic installation disk?
    put the disk in the drive and start the computer
    if the disk will run, select: "upgrade"
    this repairs the operating system in many cases.
    this does not erase your personal files, but sets the
    operating system back to a default state. hopefully
    it runs again like normal.
    I cannot say that it will work %100 of the time, but
    if the computer is infected it might not work...
    OR have a computer shop do any of the above for you.

    Making a backup of all your personal files and pictures
    (etc) is very important. After the computer is able to start
    up again, make backups in case of future problems.
  2. Turn on the system and when you have the first bios / hp screen press F11.
    This will initiate the System Recovery function of the HP product, follow instructions from there.
  3. sometimes system recovery will work, sometimes it will not. If it does not work, it is safe to use the win 7 "UPGRADE"
    actually in the majority of my experiences, the HP recovery option did not work, and I wound up using the disk. But it is always worth a shot, IF the unit has the recovery option, to give it a try.
  4. Personally my experience with netbooks and reformatting is to put the Windows disk on a computer with a dvd drive then use Win2Flash to make a bootable usb windows disk.
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