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Hey all im building my new system and I was wondering is I should flip the top fan on my p180 case to make it a intake ( since it has a extake right by it? Or should I just leave it stock? I see usefulness in both situations, On the one side if I leave it stock it gets rid of the heat comming from the cpu, faster. On the other side it will push more air on the CPU faster, so what should I do? Also im open to any other special recomendations to do with this case.
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  1. Hi
    Dont do that, it will screw up the p180s airflow design... Sucking out the hot air is much more efficient than mixing the hot air with cooler air. THe 180 is designed with a nice airflow in mind.

    You can add an extra fan into the p180 for the graphics card but only if you really need it. So far I havent found a need.

    PS: Flipping that fan should increase your overall temperature by quite a few degress, in one of my smaller boxes I did it and the results were dramatic (like 15deg C) and resulted in a very noisy machine.

  2. Yeah if you want more airflow stick a fan in the top hard drive cage...That will pull a lot of air through.
  3. Air should flow in from the front and side and out the back and top...

    The reason the top fan is there is so that any hot air which rises (hot air will do that on occasion) will be expelled from the case. If you make that an intake the rising hot air will be pushed back down into the case.
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