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WTB ,AT board, a 586 with about a 166 -266 MMX PII

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April 9, 2002 9:24:01 PM

Looking for an AT board, a 586 would be enough,166mhz processor or better, on board audio OK, prefer no other on board peripherals, I have memory, but if you want to throw in some simms,If the board requires them, that's ok too. not looking to spend more than $40 for board and processor,say, a 300mhz PII,or under, might spend more, for say, a 500mhz AMD K6-2, Must be AT. I've got audio, video, and parallel cards, drives too, just need a board. thanks
This is actually like a junk yard special for my 5 yr old, I'm no real tech type, more of a parts changer,
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December 4, 2002 10:08:06 PM

I've got a AT motherboard, socket 7, i'm really not sure if it works or not. I will sell it to you with a AMD k6-2 333Mhz CPU and 32MB of 168Pin dimm. for $35 btw, the memory and CPU both work.

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